30 Nov ’09

Pre-Season Part II

My initial post about Pre-Season planning turned some heads over at Team

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20 Nov ’09

Pre-Season Planning

The off-season and pre-season are two of the most important parts of your training

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19 Nov ’09

Terry Saddles 1/2 Off

Over at Terry Bicycles they are having a wonderful sale on select saddles. 

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16 Nov ’09

Batavus BUB Review : Sneak

A small sneak preview of the Batavus BUB that is in for review. Also check out

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12 Nov ’09

Open Forum : DIY Projects

Originally, I posed this question over at, with amazing feedback,

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5 Nov ’09

Base Layer Basics

A base layer is a thin layer of fabric that has one or two job to do as a piece of

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4 Nov ’09

Winter Clothing Essentials

It is a wonderful time of year, some places in the US have received snow already,

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1 Nov ’09

Open Forum : Winter Clothing

Here is your chance to let all of us women know what your favorite pieces for winter

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Tampon Box 29 Oct ’09

Riding with Your Menstrual Cycle : Guys Beware

How do I ride during my menstrual cycling?

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27 Oct ’09

Nintendo Wii & Cycling, Together

It seems that the Nintendo Wii has a new game and accessory out, a stationary bike.

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