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Motivational Monday with Shalin from Singapore

1 Motivational Monday Shalin

What is your name and location?

Shalin in Singapore

What type of cycling do you enjoy?

Road riding

What is your first cycling memory?

Trying on a tricycle with dad, I was 3 then.

Who inspires you to ride? Better yet, why?

A close friend…to lose weight

What has been your best moment on the bike so far this year?

Being able to ride with great friends and watch the sunrise at the same time

Tell us what you ride

Stock multi-road carbon, best investment yet!

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Motivational Monday, a Monday tradition at Bike Shop Girl, my goal to keep you motivated and to be striving on the bike even during a hard week or long hours at work. Are you a woman that bicycles? Fill out this easy form and be part of our motivational movement! 

Motivational Monday with Cat from Chicago

0 Motivational Monday Cat

What is your name and location?

Cat – Chicago Illinois

What type of cycling do you enjoy?

Centuries & commuting

What is your first cycling memory?

As a kid of 8 or 9 years old, pink sparkly banana seat Schwinn with tassels on my handlebars, riding down my residential block in El Paso Texas, pretending I was flying.

Who inspires you to ride? Better yet, why?

I have learned that at my age it is important to inspire myself. I ride becuase of the endorphines and the way I feel when I ride.

What has been your best moment on the bike so far this year?

This year is still starting no best just yet.

Tell us what you ride

Cannondale Fem 5 CAAD9. She is really a beauty and a joy to ride.

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Motivational Monday, a Monday tradition at Bike Shop Girl, my goal to keep you motivated and to be striving on the bike even during a hard week or long hours at work. Are you a woman that bicycles? Fill out this easy form and be part of our motivational movement! 

Women Bike Mini-Grant Awards

0 Women Bike

I realize this is very much a repost of a press release, but the idea is killer and each program is unique. Do you think you could use any of these ideas in your community?

To seed and support this growing momentum to encourage women from all backgrounds to become engaged in bicycling and the bike movement, the League of American Bicyclists’ Women Bike program has awarded $7,500 in small grants to innovative, model campaigns in four cities.

Engaging Latina Women Through Bilingual Outreach and Resources

Breaking down barriers for women cyclists, WE Bike NYCrealizes the importance of creating a space where new riders feel welcome and understood. “Engaging Latina women is done by creating accessible resources where these women can literally and figuratively see themselves — or people who look like them,” says Liz Jose, a bilingual organizer and founder of the group. “Our goal with this grant is to create outreach and educational materials in print and online that encourage Latina women to join the bicycle movement. By compiling existing Spanish language resources as well as creating new, downloadable documents, the work created under this grant will create a model for language inclusiveness for groups across the country, as well as materials such as a Spanish-language ‘Fix-A-Flat’ book featuring Latina women and a Spanish-language ‘Club Pack’ that can be used to begin work in local communities.” Learn more about WE Bike NYC.

Women Bike PHL (Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia)
Girl Scouts on Wheels

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia’s Women Bike PHL campaign is working to get more women and girls on bikes in Philadelphia. Their innovative “Girl Scouts on Wheels” project is developing and promoting a Biking Basics patch, as well as offering Bike Rodeos and Learn-to-Ride classes to Girl Scout troops. “I was a Girl Scout for 10 years, and know from experience what a positive impact that organization has on youth,” says Katie Monroe, Women Bike PHL coordinator. “If we’re serious about getting more women riding, we need to start young — and Girl Scouts seems like the perfect platform for educating and inspiring girls to get pedaling. It’s also a powerful national network, so ideally this partnership between bike advocates and Girl Scouts could be replicated around the country.” Learn more about Women Bike PHL.

We Are All Mechanics
Scholarship Program

A women-owned and operated initiative since 2003, We are All Mechanics has been teaching bicycle maintenance courses to women in the Madison-area community for 10 years. The grant from the League will enable us to offer scholarships to women who would otherwise not be able to participate in our Basic Bicycle Maintenance Course,” says Ali Dwyer, a co-founder of WAAM. “Participants in our Basic Course report that they are excited to share what they know with others, and they report riding more often, for more reasons, and with more confidence after taking our course.Our successful program, and our original materials will serve as a model for other programs and bicycle educators.” Learn more about We Are All Mechanics.


Marin County Bicycle Coalition
Women on Wheels in Spanish
(Special Smart Cycling grant)
Marin County Bicycle Coalition’s Women on Wheels was developed in 2011 to provide classes for women to ride together and provide other shared information. “The classes are designed to help women gain the confidence and skills they need to ride a bicycle for errands, to get their children to school or for recreation,” says MCBC’s Wendi Kallins. “With this grant, we’ll be able to offer these classes in the low income, predominantly Hispanic neighborhood of the Canal area of San Rafael – and make the curriculum for Spanish-speaking women available to other communities around the country.” Learn more about Women On Wheels.


LUNA Pro Team SuperShonny

0 LUNA Pro Team

As seen over on LUNA Pro Team’s page

It started out as a calm peaceful Friday. Shonny left before the sun rose, headed for Prescott, AZ, to race the Whiskey 50 mountain bike race with most of her Luna teammates. One hour into the 5 hour drive her truck transmission started slipping badly. So instead of being disappointed that she couldn’t make the race (and needs to start shopping for a new vehicle), she found a road tri near her home (not as fun as XTERRA but…) and made the best of it. Shonny turned into SuperShonny, borrowing the costume of SuperMan! for “a fun training race.”
SuperShonny underoos, check. Cape, check. ‘S’ on her chest, check!

The smell of pancakes swept through the air as a race morning breakfast of Gluten-kryptonite free strawberry pancakes and bacon was prepared, while super-Shonny wrestled with the cappuccino machine, using church approved cuss words as the machine’s steamer was clogged. Clearly the work of the dark side!
Warming up for the race, SuperShonny was greeted with high fives, and strange glares (clearly the response of the dark side and roadies.) When the gun went off, SuperShonny took off faster than a speeding bullet, a red cape trailing behind her. This was a run, bike, swim triathlon not the traditional swim, bike, run.
Transitions proved to be a little more challenging for the Super Hero, as removing a cape and underoos is generally not part of the routine. SuperShonny rode her mountain bike with slicks just to “keep it real.”
Super Shonny averaged 20mph on her mountain bike and still faired pretty well for the day placing 2nd overall in the road triathlon and most importantly received the Best Costume Award!

Motivational Monday with Kristin

1 Motivational Monday with Kristin

What is your name and location?

Kristin Apotsos, Melbourne Beach, Florida

What type of cycling do you enjoy?

Cyclocross, mountain biking, riding bikes to school with my 2 kids, I want to like road cycling

What is your first cycling memory?

I felt like a hot shot when I was given my neighbor’s robin egg blue Schwinn with a sparkly banana seat. Several years later, my Dad painted it metallic copper. I was proud of that bike. It’s a shame that my kids have not experienced the beauty and comfort of a banana seat.

Who inspires you to ride? Better yet, why?

There is nothing more motivational than been getting spanked in cyclocross. Since moving up to CAT 3, I’ve been blown away by the power and endurance of my competition. I also have huge admiration for cyclists who compete in RAAM (Race Across America) and other extreme cycling events. Two years ago I followed the progress of an amazing local competitor & part-owner of our local bike shop (INFINITY Bike Shop!). He must have superior pain management skills.

What has been your best moment on the bike so far this year?

Hands down, the best moment on a bike thus far in 2013 was taking an an orange popsicle hand up from a man wearing an orange full body suit during the Florida State Cyclocross Championships. It was my second race of the day. It was hot. It tasted awesome.

Tell us what you ride

I own four bikes and am seeking a fifth. My oldest bike is a green ’98 Specialized Stumpjumper. We have a long history together. We’ve done mountain bike races, 12-hour races, triathlons, and now cyclocross races together. I also own a full suspension Trek Fuel EX, a WSD Trek Madone 5.2, and a turquoise vintage Raleigh cruiser which is used for errands and towing surf & paddle boards. I am shopping for a carbon CX bike with a lot of character and a small price tag. As corny as this sounds, I trust destiny will bring us together. I’d love to add a single speed to the family as well.

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Motivational Monday, a Monday tradition at Bike Shop Girl, my goal to keep you motivated and to be striving on the bike even during a hard week or long hours at work. Are you a woman that bicycles? Fill out this easy form and be part of our motivational movement! 

Women Bike with the Bike League

0 Bike League Women Bike

Some killer information from the Bike League’s program Women Bike

May is National Bike Month, and we want to make sure you have all the tools and inspiration you need to get women riding in your community! In this special edition of the Women Bike E-news, we’re keeping it short — so you can get out and ride, of course!

To help showcase the power of women on bikes this May, we invite you to take three steps to make this the best Bike Month ever:

  1. Ride with CycloFemme
  2. Register for the National Bike Challenge
  3. Download Bike Month resources to get more women rolling in your community

Learn more about Women Bike

No Sweat! A Girl’s Guide To Riding a Bicycle in New York City

0 Bike Expo New York Women’s Panel

Bike Expo New York Women’s Panel
Focuses on Attracting More Women to the Bike Lanes

Will Bike Share Help Close the Cycling Gender Gap?

New York, April 29 – Riding a bicycle in New York City is efficient, affordable, healthy and, above all, fun. Popularity of cycling for transportation and recreation is about to soar to new heights as the bike share system, due to launch in May, attracts more New Yorkers to this city’s growing network of bike lanes.

Still, women are under-represented among the ranks of New York City cyclists – men outnumber women 3 to 1 in commuter trips, according to the Alliance for Biking and Walking 2012 Benchmarking Report.

Overcoming the barriers and making cycling a part of everyday life in the city will be the focus of the panel, No Sweat!  A Girls’ Guide to Riding a Bicycle in NYC, presented by the city cycling blog velojoy.com and Bike New York at Bike Expo New York at 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 4.


Susi Wunsch, Founder of velojoy.com, a growing online source of news, information and inspiration for city cyclists and bike-curious New Yorkers.


  • Dani Simons, Director of Marketing for NYC Bike Share, the operators of the Citi Bikebike share system
  • Diane Jones Randall, Director of Custom Publishing at NBC Universal’s iVillage, recently started cycling for recreation and fitness
  • Stephanie Kaplan, a 2013 Women’s Cycling Ambassador for Specialized Bicycles, NYC bike commuter and racer

The one-hour presentation on the main stage, directly following the BE Chic, BE NY Fashion Show presented by Momentum Magazine, also will feature a prize drawing for a reflective tailored cycling rain cape by Cleverhood.

Motivational Monday with Suzanne E.

0 Motivational Monday with Suzanne E.

What is your name and location?

Suzanne E. San Diego California

What type of cycling do you enjoy?

Road, Track and baby trailer park hopping

What is your first cycling memory?

I was four and the much bigger neighbor kid got a banana seat bike with ape hangers. I asked to try it. I could barely reach the pedals and I could not touch the floor so they held on while I got started. It felt like flying! Until I went to turn around and realized I also was too small to steer… Of course I crashed at that point but oh the feeling of flying with the wind in my hair and sun on my face was so worth the bloody knees and elbows!

Who inspires you to ride? Better yet, why?

My friend Matt and my angel friend Melissa. Matt has been an incredible support to me through training and weight loss helping me to make the changes I needed in my head and heart to make the changes in my body. He has coached and encouraged me, ridden with me and even physically pushed me home one day when my body quit at the tail end of a 48 miler. Melissa was my best friend. She coached me through a couple of triathlons she would ride with me when nobody else wanted to and when I was wanting to quit she’d say “suck it up princess” I have that message written on the top tubes of my bike and some days I can almost hear her yelling it at me with a laugh. I continue because she can’t.

What has been your best moment on the bike so far this year?

My first day back on two wheels after being sidelined for 8 weeks for with illness. The air was cold and it prickled every part of my body and burned my lungs, my legs felt like alternating lead and rubber but the sun was shining and when I turned my face towards it I could forget all the pain an uncertanty- I was four again and I was Flying!

Tell us what you ride

My trusty steed is my 2010 Cannondale six-triple-six. We have been to hell and back together a few times and even over to Paradise (Kona, Hi) twice and Washington D.C for Olympic Distance Triathlons! I hated it when I first got it -my instrument of torture but Matt did a proper fit for me and it was like the angels came out and sang!

A 2010 Gary Fisher Mountain bike which I have converted to commute and is the draft horse of my fleet it now pulls the newest addition the Trek baby trailer that pulls the kids and even the dog on park hopping adventures!

In November right before my illness and in the very last week of track season I purchased a 2012 Dolan track bike(fixed gear). I have ridden it only once and it has done hundreds of miles in my trunk- in pieces but track season starts next week and I am ready to make it fly too… I may ride slowly but it still makes my heart fly!


*    *    *    *    *    *

Motivational Monday, a Monday tradition at Bike Shop Girl, my goal to keep you motivated and to be striving on the bike even during a hard week or long hours at work. Are you a woman that bicycles? Fill out this easy form and be part of our motivational movement!

Liv/giant Avail Inspire for Breast Cancer

0 Giant Avail Inspire 2013

Liv/Giant teamed up with Young Survival Coalition for a 2nd contest to design a new Giant bike for 2013. Barbara’s winning design of cherry blossoms has very personal meanings to me (I have a large tattoo of cherry blossom’s on my left arm/shoulder.)

Check out the bike and continue to read Barbara’s story below!

Giant Avail Inspire 2013Before her battle with breast cancer, Barbara Greenlee of Bothell, WA would not have considered herself an athlete and she certainly would not have called herself a cyclist. But that all changed when, like many young women around the country faced with breast cancer, Barbara sought out a support community to help her push through trying times.

“Young Survival Coalition really helped me get through treatment,” Barbara says, as she recounts the eight rounds of chemo and 33 radiation treatments that would eventually save her life. “I received the diagnosis at age 40. My doctor said the cancer had likely been growing for about 10 years. YSC had the resources and connections to help me through each obstacle I faced along the way.”

Young Survival Coalition (YSC) is the premier global organization dedicated to the critical issues young women confront in dealing with breast cancer – issues like higher mortality rates and fertility concerns. After chemo and radiation, Barbara suffered numerous challenges – among them, a total of eight surgeries, not including her final reconstructive procedure last fall.

Read More