Sweet Potatoes 10 Feb ’14

Eating Paleo: Food Staples in Our House

The biggest change and challenge from moving to the Paleo style of eating is being

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healthy habits 6 Feb ’14

Creating Healthy Habits

The Whole Life Challenge is at it’s half way point. For 28 days I have been

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Healthy Choices 27 Jan ’14

What is One Healthy Choice You are Making Today?

We make choices every moment of everyday. What time are you waking up? Do you hit

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Power Hungry Cookbook 7 Oct ’13

Review: Power Hungry Cookbook

If you know me, you know that I’m not a culinary expert. While I have being

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IMG_3574 3 Aug ’13

Review: Clif Bar Sierra Trail Mix

Clif Bar is one of the original energy bars on the market and are a pretty standard

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Ice Cream Ride 22 May ’13

Musings on Active & Recovery Nutrition

There are many schools of thoughts in the athletic world about what you should or

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552797_10150747837688832_508538831_11195368_408747065_n 21 Mar ’12

17 Day Diet Cleanse

The the meaning behind and the word itself “diet” is hard for me.

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Fuel Factor 19 Oct ’11

The Ultimate Century Nutrition Plan

Our guest article today is from, Kimberly Mueller, MS, RD, CSSD, the founder and

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