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Neela Fleckenstein
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Motivational Monday is an on going series highlighting stories of women like you and me. Today, we are talking with Neela Fleckenstein, a 33 year-old engineer from Greenville, South Carolina. She started cycling in 2011.

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Early Rider Belter 16"
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Popularity of quality bikes for kids is growing as adults realize that kids benefit from bikes that don’t weigh as much as they do! There are a few brands on the market offering well spec’d kids bikes and Early Rider is one of them. This fancy Belter 16″ model has

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Colorado CyclingCyclingRace

Sign up and be a part of the 6th Annual Beti Bike Bash, the largest women’s mountain bike event in the country! Team Yeti Beti is encouraging all women that mountain bike to come out for the Beti Bike Bash. We know that there are more women out there who

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If you are a lady looking to get stronger and faster on a mountain bike, pay attention! The Beti AllRide Clinic has transformed to the VIDAMTB Series. VIDA literally translates to “life” and the VIDA MTB Series is a natural evolution of Beti AllRide, a new incarnation that celebrates the entire lifestyle

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Suffering is hard.  (Photo courtesy of Chris McIntosh at
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Megan Archer is a mid-30’s amateur cyclocross racer. Giving everything to the passion of sport, and for the power of the people.

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Surly Pugsley
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This has been sold! I’m selling my wife’s nearly new Surly Pugsley. If you are in the market, this is a killer deal. $1,000 (Retails for $1,800) Size: 16″ Close to new <200 miles There are a couple places where the decals are scuffed due to other bikes leaning

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Check out this week's Motivational Monday Amy Thomas
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The greatest gift this season is my health. I’m looking forward to skiing on Christmas Day, celebrating the evening with Bike Shop Girl’s family, and maybe a few more road miles to start off 2015. Happy Holidays and Cheers to Health in the New Year.

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Festive 500
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For the first day of Festive 500 I did an extra long commute on my Surly Ogre to knock out some miles while spending most of the day playing Santa Clause at the bike shop.

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Giro Civila

Giro is offering new women’s cycling shoes that are simple, functional and good looking.

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