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Motivational Monday - Shayla Shell
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Motivational Monday with a Beti Bike Bash Twist. Meet Shayla who will race Never Ever this weekend at the Beti Bike Bash.

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Cheri Felix
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Motivational Monday with a Beti Bike Bash Twist. Meet Cheri who will race Sport this weekend at the Beti Bike Bash.

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The Bike Industry is Sick (1)
Better Bike IndustryCyclingFeatured

As a woman that has essentially grown up in the bike industry I really hope that the industry will catch up with the times and start to understand the larger problems that are keeping the industry from growing.

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Grava Bikes is bringing a new do all disc brake, steel, drop bar bike to the market through Kickstarter.

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Denver Bike Parking
Colorado CyclingCycling

Denver businesses, you have until May 28th to submit an application to possibly receive a FREE bike rack from the city!

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Banjo Brothers
Better Bike IndustryCycling

Banjo Brothers recently released their first issue of their online magazine, The Brotherhood. Learn about the history of Banjo Brothers and maybe get inspired to do more

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2015 Raleigh Alysa i8
CommutingCyclingWomen's Bikes

Besides cyclocross bikes, the city style genre of bikes is my bread and butter. These are the bikes that range between $500-1200 and can take someone from an interested and concerned to a triathlon racing momma. The Alysa series from Raleigh is their take on women’s city bikes.

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Social Media for Bike Shops
Better Bike IndustryCyclingFeaturedResources

Some of my basic tips to build a strong foundation for social media. This is channel agnostic and more about creating a strong groundwork and game plan to build on to in the future.

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Burley Solstice Review

Burley Design took their engineering superpowers and developed the multi-purpose Solstice Stroller.

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Road Holland The Breukelen
CommutingCyclingFashion, Style and ClothingProducts

There aren’t many well fitting women’s wool jerseys on the market, so this mid-weight wool blend jersey from Road Holland called The Breukelen caught my eye.

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