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Colorado Bike + Biz + Beer

This past Tuesday night I joined 300 passionate bicycle advocates at the Colorado Bike + Biz + Beer November Meetup. What is the CO Bike + Beer + Biz meetup? From CO Bike + Biz + Beer meetup page:

We’ve put together a regularly scheduled, fast-paced hour of ideas, entrepreneurs and bikes to capture some of the exciting things happening for Colorado Bikes, Biz + Beer around the Front Range.
At each event, four speakers share short pitches on bike products, events, businesses, art, design, tech, art, nutrition and any creative ideas in the bike space. This idea exchange is designed to help incubate bike biz, develop entrepreneurs, and improve all things bikes. Throw in a little bit of our community magic (read: beer and bike swag) and you have the best short weeknight party you’ve been too in a long time.

A very well organized event

A very well organized event

A Recap of November’s Announcements and Speakers

Download the slides from the presentation here

Downtown Denver Partnerships reminded everyone to come to the Grand Opening of the Arapahoe and Lawrence protected bike lanes. December 3rd at 11am. Link to come.

Luis Benitez thanked everyone for “being nuts” because we are the reason he has a job as the Director of Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office. 

Leslie Kehmeier from IMBA: “Have Mini-Van, Will Travel: Life on the Road Documenting Trails for IMBA + IMBA’s MTB Project”

Leslie has been traveling the country helping map and document all the open trails for the MTB Project. I always thought this app and website was another milage tracking app, but IMBA is more focused on capturing data, land use, and trail details instead of being another Strava. If you are a mountain biker please download and use this app so that IMBA can advocate on your behalf!

Rachel Scott from Quick Left: “Tips and Tricks to Weave the Bike into Your Business Decisions”

Rachel went through a quick timeline of how she used her passion of riding to help develop her career, and even examples of how she uses that passion to pitch clients.

Sarah Rawley from VIDA MTB Series: “YETI BETI: Building a Bike Around Community”

A great presentation on how a community is the key part of Yeti Cycles business plan, and creating a women’s bike was more about listening to riders instead of reinventing the wheel.

Allen Lim Dropping the Lines

Allen Lim from Skratch Labs: “Dopest Business Ever”

A motivational 5 minute talk about where Skratch came from, and how to stay humble during success. It was a great reminder that you can make something possibly out of nothing if you focus on spending less money than you have in the bank and utilize your resources well.

Join Us

Check out the next CO Bike + Biz + Beer on January 26th!

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As I look outside my window, in downtown Boulder, Colorado, it is snowing. So much for the promises of 60 degree weather today, Mr. Weatherman! If this isn’t the motivation I needed to kick winter in its pants and out the door, the pledge I made to 30 Days of Biking is.

What is 30 Days of Biking?

Very simply, 30DOB is a pledge to ride your bike every day in April, however far you want, no matter the weather! It is also a community where you share your adventures online with #30daysofbiking.

For me, 30 Days of Biking is a stand to be part of a community bigger than myself. I strive to find and create inspiration for myself and those around me to get more butts on bikes in the month of April.

2014 is the fifth year of this pledge, and thousands of people from all over the world have taken part. Join the community of joyful cyclists and sign the pledge!


Who benefits from 30 Days of Biking?


There are two groups of people that benefit from 30 Days of Biking.

The first, and most motivating, is that for every 30 pledges 30 Days of Biking will donate 1 bicycle to Free Bikes 4 Kidz.

The second group, is you and everyone around you. This pledge will help you kick the dust, or snow, off the bike tires and create habits of choosing the bike this spring. Your enthusiasm and persistence will be contagious, this is a proven fact.

Join the community and the cause

I believe in the community that makes up Bike Shop Girl and believe that we can easily sign 120+ pledges to 30 Days of Biking. Could we be the reason 4 kids receive free bikes? I think so.

Join me and sign the pledge! It does not matter how far you go everyday as long as you pedal your bike.


Get Involved

Find your local chapter, join me daily on Facebook/Twitter to tell everyone about your ride and spread the word to your friends.

Who’s in to sharing 30 days of biking stories, photos and memories with me in April?


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Originally posted on People for Bikes

Last week, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition published a brief exploration of what it called the “myth” that “there’s no way we can keep spending so much on bike lanes with so many other pressing needs in San Francisco.”

To make their point that dramatically improving biking and walking in a city costs almost nothing compared to many other transportation projects — in San Francisco, one of the bike-friendliest cities in the country, bike projects take up less than 1 percent of the municipal transportation budget — they listed some typical cost figures.

We decided to further explore this question by creating a simple bar chart, based on the same data. We’ll let you draw whatever conclusions you see fit.

People for Bikes Green Lane Project

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Colorado Bicycle Summit

This past Monday I had the opportunity to attend most of the 2014 Colorado Bicycle Summit. Unfortunately, I missed the morning speakers which included CO Governor, John Hickenlooper, and an old friend from DC, Andy Clark of the Bike League. I’m hoping that 303 Cycling will do a recap of these speeches so I can pass them along to you!

Key Highlights at the Colorado Bicycle Summit:

Safe Routes to School Act for Continued Funding

Colorado Safe Routes to School Act

Getting More Women Riding Breakout Session

arleigh and katie

The amount of amazing women doing extraordinary things for cycling in Colorado is overwhelming. The next step is for all of us to come together to make a deeper impact. Look for a survey and more action around this soon!


Putting many faces with names from email and Twitter was pretty important for me. As a pretty new resident of Colorado I still don’t have my footing in the cycling scene so socializing and getting to know more people was key.


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Tomorrow, Monday February 10th, you’ll be able to find me most the day at the 2014 Colorado Bicycle Summit most of tomorrow, including a moderator of the break out session “Getting More Women Riding.” I hope to report back with a recap of what is happening in Colorado Bike Advocacy and ways we can all work together to get more women riding in our wonderful state!

What is the Colorado Bicycle Summit about?

Summit Overview

  • Learn best practices for making change happen at the city, county and state levels
  • Learn about bicycle-related issues for the 2014 Colorado Legislative Session
  • Spend the morning at the State Capitol, with access to state legislators
  • Network with bicyclists of all flavors at the Summit Happy Hour

Who Attends

  • Bicycling advocates and industry leaders
  • On- and off-road recreational cyclists and commuters
  • Elected officials and agency staff
  • Anyone who wants to learn about making bicycling better in our state
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