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chrome 15 Nov ’12

Chrome Party Tonight!

Why didn’t I schedule a trip to NYC like I had hoped for this week? Please

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17509 20 Oct ’12

2013 Southern Cross Race

Long climbs. Long descents. Gravel. 50 miles. The Wall. Vineyards. Wine. SOUTHERN

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Chrome Storm Pasha Jacket 20 Oct ’12

Chrome Storm Pasha Women’s Cycling Jacket

It’s that time of the year. Unless you live in some odd part of the country

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Twin Six Rock the Bike 16 Oct ’12

Rock the Bike Tshirt

Politics are overrated.. go rock your bike in Twin Six style.  

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YMX Core Long Sleeve Top 13 Oct ’12

YMX Core Long Sleeve Top

YMX makes clothing for the athletic woman. While many women look at the clothing

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331255_10152047613630271_1893563544_o 9 Sep ’12

Celebrating ARTCRANK and a Dear Friend

Sunday morning, pounding on a keyboard as it seems to be a common occurrence of

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TN Valley Bikes 7 Sep ’12

Friday Shop Profile – Tennessee Valley Bikes

As an independent rep for Quality Bicycle Products I travel to bike shops all over

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Lazer glasses 19 Aug ’12

A Week in Review

These next two months are completely full throttle for me. On one side I have

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nodaclassic 14 Aug ’12

Charlotte Cycling Classic: NODA-Freedom Park-NODA

Let’s see if I can convince my GF to do this on Saturday… From 36th

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Twin Six Dopers Suck 1 Aug ’12

Twin Six Hump Day Sale: Dopers Suck

We all know how much we hate dopers. They have killed the image of American cycling

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