9 Feb ’10

US Made : Does It Matter?

Currently (literally right now) I am working on a podcast to talk about American

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8 Feb ’10

Cell Phone Ban : Do you feel better on the...

Across the country the use of cellphones while driving is being cracked down on.

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6 Feb ’10

Follow Friday Links (A Day Late)

A list of racer-esque women on bikes, if you are ever lacking motivation check out

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5 Feb ’10

Women of Dirt Movie Trailer

Slowly, very slowly, women are getting the nod for doing things in the cycling

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5 Feb ’10

dznuts Bliss (Now Shipping)

dznuts Bliss, another chamois butter aimed for women. Ladies you have spoken and

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29 Jan ’10

Follow Friday Links

Here are several links of blogs that I think you’ll enjoy to follow.  

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27 Jan ’10

Video Podcast: Keen Coronado Cruiser Review

A very brief video of benefits and initial thoughts of the Keen Coronado Cruiser on

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15 Jan ’10

Grit & Glimmer : Are bike shops *still* failing us?

Over at Grit & Glimmer a question was posed to get feedback on why or how bike

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13 Jan ’10

Girls and Bicycles

There is a blog I follow, and have linked to several times : Girls and Bicycles. 

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31 Dec ’09

Peeing on the Go

It seems the more time I search the internet for various “outdoor female

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