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Portland Design Works The Bird Cage Review 9.2

It’s a great thing when companies put personality into everyday biking accessories. The PDW The Bird Cage is a great example of that idea.

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Planet Bike Cascadia 29er Fender Review 8.8

A good set of fenders cost between $40-55 and could be the difference of you driving, or having very wet and cold feet when getting to work. These fenders from Planet Bike have survived a year under me and I would endorse them if you need something for your 29er bike!

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Quad Lock Bike Phone Case
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The Quad Lock Phone Mounting System gives you many options to keeping your smartphone accessible during activities like biking or running.

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Planet Bike 2016 Products
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Click to view Planet Bike’s latest line up of lights, fenders, and bike pumps for 2016.

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Portland Design Works is trying to kickstart a bike pump geared towards the high volume fat bike riders.

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Hobo Moleskin

Take two of my favorite things, bikes and Moleskin, and you have the Hobo Moleskin. A nod to the Hobo biker lifestyle, and a pairing for Cinelli’s Hobo bike model. Unfortunately, only available in Europe currently this little Moleskin will surely be on my wishlist for when I need a

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chamois butter her' review

For any ride over an hour I normally apply a layer of thin cream called “chamois cream” between my chamois and skin. The reasoning is to keep friction low between chamois and body, as well as skin to skin.

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Light & Motion Vis

Fall means less light and a crazy mid-afternoon sun glare for drivers. Why not help them (and yourself) by running blinky lights during the day and night? Meet my Favorite Lights Reviewed to Date Light & Motion Urban 200 and VIS 180 Micro Key things to know: USB rechargeable Easy

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Chrome’s latest limited launch is a collaboration Chrome X Blue Lug with Blue Lug Bike Shop in Tokyo is my favorite one so far. The hints of blue and mirror’d tagline hidden on the back or bottom of the bag is clutch.; the Victor is my personal favorite. Chrome

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Chrome Camo Bag Header
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Being seen at night is a big concern for most cyclist (yet reflectors are the first thing that come off new bikes.) Chrome is launching a limited run of Reflective Camo Bags that are made in the USA. What looks normal in the day, lights up when a car light

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