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Motivational Monday - Cait Dooley
MotivationMotivational MondayWomen's Cycling

This week’s Motivational Monday is with Cait, who has some very inspiring thoughts on how to promote women’s riding.

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Ellie Beti Bike Bash
KidsWomen's Cycling

To Amy, Chelsea, all the Betis, the volunteers, and the sponsors, I can not thank you enough for empowering women and providing this amazing event for me to share with my daughter.

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Beti Bike Bash
BlogCycling TipsFeaturedRaceWomen's Cycling

My list of the things I wish I had known before my first races. This list could have thousands of tips on it, so add your own in the comments.

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Cheri Felix
BlogColorado CyclingEvent CoverageMotivationMotivational MondayWomen's Cycling

Motivational Monday with a Beti Bike Bash Twist. Meet Cheri who will race Sport this weekend at the Beti Bike Bash.

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Neela Fleckenstein
CyclingMotivationMotivational MondayWomen's Cycling

Motivational Monday is an on going series highlighting stories of women like you and me. Today, we are talking with Neela Fleckenstein, a 33 year-old engineer from Greenville, South Carolina. She started cycling in 2011.

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Check out this week's Motivational Monday Amy Thomas
CyclingCycling TipsMotivationMotivational MondayRideWomen's Cycling

The greatest gift this season is my health. I’m looking forward to skiing on Christmas Day, celebrating the evening with Bike Shop Girl’s family, and maybe a few more road miles to start off 2015. Happy Holidays and Cheers to Health in the New Year.

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Motivational Monday - Amy Thomas
CyclingFeaturedMotivationMotivational MondayWomen's Cycling

My dear friend, Amy Thomas, recently broke her radius and ulna while mountain biking in Moab. She is attacking recovery with an optimistic outlook and I asked her to share her story of recovery over the next few weeks with a few articles.

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Beti AllRide
CyclingMotivationWomen's Cycling

If you haven’t heard of the Beti AllRide women’s mountain bike clinics yet, you are in for a treat.

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2014 Breck Epic
AdventuresColorado CyclingCyclingCycling TipsMotivationRaceWomen's Cycling

Daily race reports of the 2014 Breck Epic from Amy Thomas of the Yeti Beti MTB Team. Three down, three to go!! While the major goal of this week is to get through all 6 stages, there was one stage in particular that has caused some PTSD since 2010. As the name suggests,

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2014 Breck Epic
AdventuresColorado CyclingCyclingCycling TipsEvent CoverageRaceWomen's Cycling

Daily race reports of the 2014 Breck Epic from Amy Thomas of the Yeti Beti MTB Team. Day 2 of Breck Epic defines the perfect pairing of ebb and flow. It’s the Colorado Trail stage and that name says it all. If you only have ONE trail to ever ride in Colorado,  ride

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