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A woman owned mobile bicycle workshop in Northeast Denver, Colorado with over 15+ years experience as a master mechanic.
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In efforts to not write a post about disappointment in retailers around Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all things THANKSgiving I am sitting in Starbucks on the side of I-77 to pounds keys and focus on something I can control. 2013 race planning.

There is this somewhat weekly series called Motivational Monday that I post Q&A from women that submitted their answers on this handly form. Basic, who are you and why do you ride questions. Below are the current questions, but I want your feedback. What do you...

Workout that new Turkey Muscle

WHEN?  Friday, November 23rd. 1:00pm WHAT? Get out of the house and enjoy some cyclocross “riding” with friends WHY? Grab your kids and get your butt out of the house, away from the in laws and left over Turkey!

What's your name and location? Martha Van Inwegen of Action Wipes (my favorite body wipes) - Central Coast, California What type of cycling do you enjoy? Casual - usually along the beach or just to do errands. What is your first cycling memory? The first time I was able to...

What's your name and location? Chantal Roberts, Little Rock, AR What type of cycling do you enjoy? road, relaxing, paved trail What is your first cycling memory? Falling off my bike when I was 5, and being so mad at the bike I didn't ride again for 20 years. Who inspires...