Birzman Studio Tool Box Review 31 Aug ’15

Video Review: Birzman Studio Tool Box

A video review of my pros and cons of the Birzman Studio Tool Box. A full review

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Kids Bike Trailer 15 Aug ’15

Hauling Your Kids by Bike: Rear Mounted Bike Child Seats...

The most popular ways to haul kids by bike in the United States are bike child seats

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Pello Bikes Kickstarter 18 Jun ’15

Kickstarter: Pello High Quality Kids Bikes

Pello Bikes has two weeks left on a Kickstarter to bring well built, and fitting

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Beti Bike Bash 10 Jun ’15

Tips for Your First Bike Race

My list of the things I wish I had known before my first races. This list could have

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The Bike Industry is Sick (1) 4 Jun ’15

The Bike Industry is Sick and Hiring More Women Won’t...

As a woman that has essentially grown up in the bike industry I really hope that the

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Social Media for Bike Shops 12 May ’15

Social Media for Local Bike Shops: Step 1

Some of my basic tips to build a strong foundation for social media. This is channel

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Ellington 3 Apr ’15

We’ve Been a Bit Busy

The riding and writing around these parts have been a bit sparse. You see on March

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Suffering is hard.  (Photo courtesy of Chris McIntosh at http://cmcintoshphoto.tumblr.com/) 20 Jan ’15

The Power of People

Megan Archer is a mid-30's amateur cyclocross racer. Giving everything to the

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Amy Thomas 24 Nov ’14

Motivational Monday: Recovery

It's been roughly 3 weeks from the accident and surgery. I'll get into where I'm at

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Motivational Monday - Amy Thomas 17 Nov ’14

Motivational Monday: An Intro to Recovery After an Injury

My dear friend, Amy Thomas, recently broke her radius and ulna while mountain biking

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