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Soul Glow LED Neon Wheel Lights 12 Apr ’13

Preview: Soul Glow LED Neon Wheel Lights

I’m always looking for creative and fun ways to stay safe on the bike. A new

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Twi nSix ArtCrank 10 Apr ’13

Twin Six Limited Edition ArtCrank Jerseys

There is no point of hiding my love of Twin Six and ArtCrank so this is a simple

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Love Valley Roubaix 20 Mar ’13

Love Valley Roubaix – March 24th

I’m going to call this a “gravel, road ride” March 24, 2013 Love

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Luna Chix 9 Mar ’13

LUNA Pro Team Still has a Dominating Team

The 2013 LUNA Pro team is keeping on with their dominating list of killer girls.

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Women And Bicycles 7 Mar ’13

WABA’s Women & Bicycles Program

WABA (Washington Area Bicycle Association) is putting together an education and

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Twin Six Tshirt of the Month 6 Mar ’13

Twin Six TShirt of the Month

Get it here before they are gone.  

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DZR White SPD Sneaker 15 Feb ’13

White, DZR SPD Sneakers

New additions to the DZR Urban Collection. These vintage styled SPD Compatible

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Reveal the Path 12 Feb ’13

Reveal the Path in Charlotte

Pretty bummed that I won’t be able to make this as I’ll be off in the

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Streets of Chrome 23 Jan ’13

Streets of Chrome Photo Contest

To help launch Chrome’s new Niko Camera Pack they have put together a killer

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All City Ladies Clothing 17 Jan ’13

All City Cycles Ladies Clothing

All City Cycles, one of the awesome brands I represent, and a group of cool kids,

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