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Velo News Pro Rider Diary : Amber Neben


VeloNews.com has a pretty amazing run down of their monthly Pro Rider Diary’s.   From the big names of Jeremy Powers, Michael Barry, and Ted King.  They recently added a woman, Amber Neben.   With only one article up so far, I’m excited to keep on top of what this World Champion and Olympian is doing.

How do you describe what it feels like to prepare so hard for something, to dedicate so much to something and then lose the opportunity to even try to see it through? The immediate loss of opportunity, whether that was trying to do well in the Giro or helping Team USA in the world championship road race, hurt.I remember lying on the ground after hitting that barrier and thinking about how hard I had worked to get myself back from the previous crash — the details, the focus, the fight. It always takes a lot to come back, but I had managed to do it. And now, there I was again, lying on the ground in excruciating pain, waiting for the ambulance while the race went up the road. The interesting thing was that the huge disappointment of not being able to finish hurt more than my high-energy fracture — and believe me, that hurt.

Read the full article at VeloNews.com

Introducing Rapha’s Womens Line


Rapha, the fine company that makes the clothing threads of many cyclist “lust list.”  You pray a pretty penny for their clothing, but it will delivery over and over again compared to some of those other main stream brands.  Their clothing is designed by cyclist, for cyclist.  The type of cyclist that will ride all day in a pair of shorts, through rain and snow to pull those same shorts on the next day with barely a washing.  This clothing is the type you dream about, that smart people save for and you can bet that it is on my “lust list.”

Let me introduce you to the Rapha “lust list” for women.  Starting with their basic classic jersey, to a good quality short and finally their Stowaway Jacket. Add these to your wish list, and be ready to click “buy now” when the time is available.

WOW : Women on Wheels, A Ladies Night Out March 4, 2010


Across the US many great shops are realizing that women need one night in a bicycle shop all to themselves.  Ladies Night, it was coined by a large corporation, but its that one night they aren’t intimidated and you will see mostly if not all WOMEN in a bicycle shop.  Tops of topics can be covered from how to, to new product releases or clinics.  Find one in your area, or recommend your favorite shop to host one.  Below is an upcoming one at Gregg’s Cycles in Seattle, WA.

Gregg’s Cycles:  A night just for the ladies.  It’s a great chance to come an learn all about cycling.  We’ll have speakers and clinics about cycling as well as factory reps here to answer any questions that you might have.

This year we’re proud to announce that our featured speaker will be Sally Edwards, a Triathlon Hall of Famer and competitor in over 150 triathlons.  Sally is a best-selling author with more than 20 books and 500 articles on health and fitness including the popular book Heart Rate Monitor Guidebookand The Complete Book of Triathlons. This professional triathlete is a 16-time Ironman finisher, a member of the Triathlon Hall of Fame, and past winner of the ultra-marathon, and the hundred mile Western States Endurance Run.


  • Special Deals
  • Fashion Show
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Chocolate
  • Raffle Prizes
  • Did I mention great ONE TIME deals
  • and more…
  • Invite your friends but remember that this is a ladies only event so leave the guys at home!  Go Online to RSVP

Podcast Episode #1 : US Made Bikes and Parts



Take a listen to Episode #1 : US Made Bikes and Parts.

In this podcast I talk about when or why I buy US made products, a couple big names still making in the US, as well as linking you to the upcoming National Handmade Bicycle Show.

Companies we talked about:

Trek Bikes

Thanks to Team Estrogen Forums for the idea!

Cell Phone Ban : Do you feel better on the road?


Across the country the use of cellphones while driving is being cracked down on. Depending on your area it could be as simple as “no texting” or as strict as no cell phone use, unless on work duty.

The statistics for accidents and deaths due to use of cellphones are very high, to be honest it is one of the biggest fears I have as a cyclist on the road.

What are your local governments doing and how does it make you feel?

Locally, we have a ban on texting while driving.  I don’t think it has changed much of anything and it doesn’t make me feel better.  After the first few times friends of mine get tickets for using their iPhones or Blackberry’s while driving, then I will feel like change is happening.

Until then, I will keep my children on side roads with a good shoulder or dirt paths.

Very lastly : Webster’s Word of the Year is “Distracted Driving

Women of Dirt Movie Trailer


Slowly, very slowly, women are getting the nod for doing things in the cycling sport.  This time a great movie (trailer is below) celebrating gravity mountain bikers and what women can do in the sport.

Awesome Land: Women Of Dirt is a unique look into the world of Downhill Racing, Dirt Jumping and Freeriding. This film looks through the eyes of the wondrous women that have helped grow the sport of Gravity Mountain Biking with their strength and courage. Other mountain bike films have overlooked these vibrant and dedicated women, but no longer!

dznuts Bliss (Now Shipping)


dznuts Bliss, another chamois butter aimed for women.

Ladies you have spoken and dznuts has answered. This elegant pro grade chamois cream for women provides the comfort and lubricious saddle glide required for top level training and racing. It is scientifically formulated for women’s sensitive skin. (4oz. tube)

anti-bacterial: pre/probiotics complex reduces the chance of infection and encourages beneficial skin flora growth.

anti-inflamatory: decreases itching, prickling and discomfort.

wound-healing: strengthens natural biological skin defenses and promotes healing in previously damaged skin.

anti-chaffing: moisture absorbing polymers isolate excess moisture, protecting delicate skin against the chamois.

no tingling: same pro-level protection as dznuts pro chamois cream,without the tingling sensation.

The main things that catch my eye are “no tingling & anti-bacterial.”  When you sit in your chamois for hours at a time, anti-bacterial to keep the funk away will be great.  The no tingling is also a great thing as many of my favorite chamois butters (Assos) tingles for the first 30 minutes of putting it on. This is a weird sensation that still after years of use I can’t always ignore.

For $24.00 if it really does everything it claims it could be worth the dollars to keep women fresh and smooth

DZ Nuts online.