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6 Jul ’10

A Sombering Reminder

A local cyclist, and customer, was hit on her bike not but 300 yards from where I

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28 Jun ’10

Why Don’t You Grow Some….

As long as you have a humorous bone in your body, the following video should not

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27 Jun ’10

Jägermeister Electra Bikes

What does Jägermeister, rain, leather, leopard tents and Electra bikes get you?  

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25 Jun ’10

SRAM Force Brakes, Breaking?

It seems that there are still batches of SRAM Force recalled brakes out there. 

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24 Jun ’10

Enduro Sport Clothing

While live in Asheville, NC there seemed to be a issue of rubbing hole into my

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21 Jun ’10

Bicycle Film Festival

While the Bicycle Film Festival has started for 2010 and may have passed your

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20 Jun ’10

Would You Go To a Skills Camp?

While browsing over the Trek/Gary Fisher bikes I mentioned this morning, I came

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19 Jun ’10

Women’s Twenty Niner Bikes

Earlier this week it was announced that Gary Fisher as a bicycle brand will be

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20 May ’10

Kids Bike Sales are Rising

According to an industry magazine, Bicycle Retailer, the biggest increase of

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19 May ’10

Keep Your Tools in Style

If you are like me, you use various bikes for different reasons.  We’ve

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