Motivational Monday with Michelle

What’s your name and location? Michelle from Iowa What type of cycling do you enjoy? Recreational road, touring, mtb, and dabbling in CX since I now own two ‘cross bikes and I figure I better represent. What is your first cycling memory? My brother helping me learn how to ride a bike in our backyard. It was my neighbor’s yellow bike that was way too…

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NC Cyclocross

Motivational Monday: ‘Tis Cyclocross Season

The weather is cooler, the days are getting shorter and this means one thing. Cyclocross. The season in the southeast normally doesn’t start until mid fall but more and more groups are getting on board and we should have a couple series in the area to attend. ‘Cross “Race” Calendar September 4th – (Tentative) Tuesday Nights Under the Lights in Boone, NC September 8th –…

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Motivational Monday: Ride with the Boys

Lately as I have been traveling I have been doing my best to ride with others. Normally I ride by myself as it is my away time but getting closer to cyclocross season I need to push myself and riding with others does that to you. Riding with women is one thing, but I can tell you that hanging on to the wheels of some…

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Arleigh Jenkins

Motivation Monday: Finding Time Away

Finding motivation is something that during any point of a day we all struggle with. Motivation to get out of bed when your alarm sounds, motivation to follow your dreams, motivation to set goals, and motivation to live the life you want to live. Often I am motivated by people, by photos, by quotes and even sometimes desires. My latest motivation is by helping my…

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Grizzly Adam

Motivation from Grizzly Adams

A great post from grizzly adams over here. “I can’t go on, I’ll go on.” Next time you want to stop pedaling, don’t. Next time you want to quit, don’t. When you think you’ve had enough hurt and dirt, you haven’t. You can take a little more. And then a little more after that. Mountain biking is what we do. We are mountain bikers. When…

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Michelle 2

Motivational Monday with Michelle

What’s your name and location? Michelle in Melbourne, Australia What type of cycling do you enjoy? Long distance endurance What is your first cycling memory? Riding in circles around our court trying to stay balanced. Who inspires you to ride, and better yet WHY? Dave Harrington and Peter Heals – they’ve ridden thousands and thousands of km only for the challenge What has been your…

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Motivational Monday Julie Paisant

Motivational Monday with Julie Paisant

Julie is a local lady I know from cyclocross. She fully embodies that of em:pwr cycling and motivating all. She’s out there ringing the cowbell and taking photos from the first race to the last. She also cheers you on when she passes you in her races! Kudos to Julie and all she does for women’s cycling. What’s your name and location? Julie Paisant, High…

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Motivational Monday Katie Holden

Motivational Monday with Katie Holden

I met Katie last year at Sea Otter. A kick ass, down to earth, downhill chick. She talked about mountain technique, safety and was a smiling face that many women need to see when relating to “GNAR-CORE” riders. Super approachable and always wanting to help other women get stronger! What’s your name and location? My name is Katie Holden and I live in Scotts Valley,…

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Motivational Monday Melinda

Motivational Monday with Miranda

What’s your name and location?

Miranda from Dallas, y’all

What type of cycling do you enjoy?

Relaxed rides on trails and around lakes, commuter biking, road biking.

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