• Podcast Episode #4 : Interview with Marla Streb

    9 Mar ’10 Comments (0) Blog, Interviews, Women's Cycling

    Mountain biker extraordinaire, Marla Streb, took some time from managing Team Luna Chix to tell us more about what she and the team are up to.  The extra bonus was information about the new Luna Sport Clothing, a clothing line designed by women, for women.

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  • USA Cycling is Pushing Women’s BMX

    9 Mar ’10 Comments (0) Blog

    As a BMX rider, not quite racer yet, I’m very excited to see USA Cycling putting their money and efforts behind getting more girls further in their BMX career. 2012 Olympics here we come! The United States has a large, undeveloped pool of 14 to 18-year-old female riders who are internationally capable. The

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  • North American Handmade Bicycle Show Roundup

    8 Mar ’10 Comments (1) Blog

    Last weekend a couple of us from Bike Shop Girl went to the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Richmond, VA.  We covered the show for a variety of media’s and wanted to put them all down in one place for your viewing pleasure. Versus.com Intro, Day 1, Interview with Nick Crumpton CommuteByBike.com

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  • Ritchey WCS Curve Bar

    7 Mar ’10 Comments (2) Blog, Previews

    Ritchey Bicycle Components have released a new shallow drop road bar, Curve Bar,  available in aluminum or carbon.  With a respectable 235g (alum) and 210g (carbon) this handlebar could be found on many women’s bars in the upcoming season. Pricing will be between $95-285 dependent on alum/carbon. Details from

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  • 2010 NAHBS : YiPsan Bicycles

    5 Mar ’10 Comments (0) Blog, Cycling

    While at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show I was swept over with gorgeous bikes and brilliant bike builders.  One of these guys I’ve had the chance to work with in the past, Renold YiPsan.  His yellow bike with gorgeous front basket was a crowd please and best of show!

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  • Paris Hilton Caught Driving in the Bike Lane

    4 Mar ’10 Comments (1) Blog

    How do we educate all automobile drivers that bike lanes are not meant for cars?  They aren’t passing lanes and they aren’t to get around those slow cars in your way.

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  • 2010 NAHBS : Sheila Moon

    3 Mar ’10 Comments (0) Blog, Cycling, Previews

    This past weekend, while at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, I was able to talk with Sheila Moon – provider of fine cycling clothing.  While I finish up the video clip of our interview, I’m going to tease you with a few photos of her clothing.

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  • Podcast Episode #3 : Interview with Joan Hanscom of USGP

    25 Feb ’10 Comments (0) Blog, Interviews, Women's Cycling

    podcasthttp://bikeshopgirl.com/podcast/BSG-Episode3.mp3/podcast Last week we met up to talk with Joan Hansom of the US Grand Prix of Cyclocross and as well as the 2013 Cyclocross World Championships. We talked about many things but key links of interest : US Grand Prix of Cyclocross 2013 Cyclocross World Championships

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  • 2,000 Nude Cyclist

    23 Feb ’10 Comments (1) Blog, Cycling

    There has been the naked bicycle rides and events but I believe this photographer set the standards a tad bit higher than I’ve seen done before. Dozens of women posed naked on their bicycles on a bridge over one of Amsterdam’s historic canals on Sunday – a unique sight even in a city famed for

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  • Child Bike Rental Program

    19 Feb ’10 Comments (6) Blog, Cycling Tips, Family Riding

    Over at Velorution they talked about a program that rents the small push/glide bikes by the week. This triggered many thoughts in my head as I love the push bikes instead of training wheels.  It allows a child to learn relying on themselves only, and not training wheels.  The learning curve is gentle and quickly

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