• Building a Flat Kit

    6 Sep ’09 Comments (4) Blog

    A flat kit is all those emergency tools or parts that you need if you get a flat, but also if by chance you break a chain or something like that.  We call it a flat kit but think of it as an emergency kit.

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  • And We Are Back

    3 Sep ’09 Comments (1) Blog

    The new layout is still getting some fine tweaking but so far I am happy with the open feeling and the ability to find and organize things better.  The last piece will be adding a search bar but it is Labor Day Weekend and I’m behind on post. Leave feedback of your thoughts on the …

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  • Girl Scout Fighting for Crosswalk

    31 Aug ’09 Comments (0) Blog, Recently Spotted

    A young, 10 year old, girl in New Jersey is fighting for the right of safety to cross the road from school.  For all the talk we are giving about Safe Routes to School and helping childhood obisety hopefully the Girl Scout and local town can find a good middle ground for the young girl …

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  • Preventative Maintenance : Lube Your Chain

    31 Aug ’09 Comments (2) Blog, Cycling Tips, Mechanics

    Proper technique in lubing your chain will help prolong the life of your drive train also a clean bike is a happy bike!! 1. Pick a lube.  There are dozens and dozens of decent lubes out there depending where you ride.  I could write a whole post about the different lubes and when/where to use …

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  • Burley Trailer Recall

    28 Aug ’09 Comments (1) Blog, Recently Spotted

    Burley Design, in conjunction with the CPSC, has announced a voluntary product recall of all 2009 d’Lite ST and Solo ST trailers. In order to determine if you have an affected trailer, please read the documents below. Consumer Handout for Burley 2009 ST Recall.pdf Consumer FAQs for Burley 2009 ST Recall.pdf

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  • Let’s Talk Saddles : Intro

    27 Aug ’09 Comments (16) Blog, Cycling Tips, Ride

    There are three comfort zones or places your body touches a bicycle.   As long as you can bear the weight of your body okay between those three places without numbness, pain or pinching then you can ride all day long. Today we will be touching upon the saddle.  This is also the hardest thing to …

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  • Support Your Local Shop

    26 Aug ’09 Comments (11) Blog, Recently Spotted

    Last week I tweeted asking women for local bike shop stories. Do you have a shop you enjoy? If so what is it so we can let other women know which shops will treat them well. If a shop didn’t treat you well let us know why.  What could the store of done better?

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  • Preventative Maintenance

    24 Aug ’09 Comments (1) Blog, Cycling Tips, Mechanics

    You’re riding your bike often now and you’re wondering what you need to do to keep it up, right?  Maybe not but let’s pretend for the moment that you want to keep your bike ready, out of the bike shop and embracing the greasy ways of working on your own bike.

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  • Checklist for my 1st Sprint Triathlon

    21 Aug ’09 Comments (1) Cycling Tips, Ride

    My first sprint triathlon is this coming Sunday.  If un-prepared is part of the training regimen I am right on course for an awesome first tri!  Sure I had goals and plans of doing the whole 8 weeks to your first sprint tri but life, work and excuses got in the way.  The one small …

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  • SIGG Bottles, Maybe Not So Safe

    21 Aug ’09 Comments (3) Blog, Recently Spotted

    Furious blog entries and news articles are popping up across the internet that SIGG, known for their BPA free bottles weren’t so BPA free prior to August 2008.   If you remember that SIGG was one of the few bottles out there that parents were trusting their kids to drink out of when they were throwing …

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