Planet Bike Cascadia 29er Fender Review 8.8

A good set of fenders cost between $40-55 and could be the difference of you driving, or having very wet and cold feet when getting to work. These fenders from Planet Bike have survived a year under me and I would endorse them if you need something for your 29er bike!

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Larry vs Harry Bullitt Cargo Bike
BikesBlogCargo BikesFamily RidingReviews

Today we will dive in to the process of purchasing a family cargo bike, and a quick month long review of our beloved Bullitt!

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Better Bike Industry

Are you a lady that works in a bike shop that wants to learn more about the mechanics side? Apply now!

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2015 Fall

There are a great amount of women trying to strike the balance of life and healthy living. It has been rather rewarding being a part of that movement.

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Afghan Cycles

Afghan Cycles: Breaking Barriers on Two Wheels will inspire women around the world to ride and needs your help to finish the feature length documentary.

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BikeDenver Bikes on Broadway
Colorado Cycling

A quick video of today’s Bikes on Broadway Ribbon Cutting for the Bikes on Broadway Protected Bike Lane Demonstration in the Baker District of Denver, Colorado.

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Blackburn Airstik 2Stage Pump Review | BIKE SHOP GIRL 9.3

A review on the Blackburn Airstik 2Stage Bicycle Hand Pump. Retailing at $29.99 this little pump packs a decent punch.

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Building a Bullitt Cargo Bike
Cargo Bikes

A quick time-lapse of unboxing and building a Bullitt Cargo Bicycle that was mostly built by Splendid Cycles.

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Blackburn Central Bike Light Review 8.9

A review of bicycle specific lights from Blackburn. These lights are outstanding for the price with 3 key features: multi-mode, great mounting system and USB-mini charging. Click to learn more!

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