Join the Bike Shop Girl Strava Club

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Bike Shop Girl Strava Club

Strava recently updated their club format to be more effective, in my humble opinion, by making Strava clubs about socializing, and not only leaderboards. This is really appealing to me as the Bike Shop Girl community has always been strong in creating riding relationships, and empowering people to ride more often. With this in mind (and to test out the new features) I started a Bike Shop Girl Strava Club. Join us! Well, it’s really just me for now, so join me! In the near future I hope to have prizes, and swag for awards each month.

I’m typing this in the Toronto YYZ airport headed home from a few days in Toronto at a bike dealer event. More information to come on the event, but spending a few days with fellow bike geeks helped stroke the fire of riding. I’m ready to get home, spend time with my family, and go for a bike ride!

Join Me

Video Review: Pello Romper 14″ Kids Bike

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Pello Romper 14" Kids Bike Review

We are diving helmet first into kids bike reviews! Starting off with the Pello Romper 14″ kids bike.

This bike is magical. Really. Several kids learned how to ride two wheels on this bike within the course of 2-3 months!!

14″ Wheels
Aluminum frame and fork
15 LBS!!
Quality parts
Rear handbrake and coaster brake

Pello simply needs to add colors to their line-up, and keep the fork from spinning around and they will have the perfect 1st pedal bike.

Get yourself (or kid) one here:

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Free Bicycle Safety Checks for Northeast Denver Schools

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Stapleton Bicycle Safety Checks


Northeast Denver Parents I need your help! I’m hosting several FREE school bicycle safety checks in the area and may need help connecting with your school.

The basics on how this works: You bring your kid’s bike to school, lock it up, and I’ll check it over (air, brakes, bolts & chain) leaving a note if anything needs repaired. I’ll be at Ashley & McAuliffe in the next few weeks, but struggling to connect with the right people at the other schools in the area.

Would you be interested in helping me offer this at your school? Let me know!

Welcome Kidical Mass Denver

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Kidical Mass Denver

This world is complicated, and bicycles are simple. You enjoy the journey when you ride a bike instead of focusing on your destination. The ultimate driving motivator behind Bike Shop Girl over the past 9 years has been to get more people riding. 18 months ago when we had our daughter I wanted to make the world a bit simpler for her, and to do my best to make it a better place for her to grow up in. While I am not a doctor, a politician, or a teacher that changes the world every day when they go to work – I do know bicycles, and firmly believe that bicycles can truly make this world a better place.

Obesity, pollution, ADHD, traffic congestion, and road rage. These are only a few of the things that bicycles can help with, and starting with our kids at a young age teach them the freedom, and joy of the journey instead of the destination will go a long way.

With all of these things in mind I have started up the Kidical Mass Denver chapter.

What is Kidical Mass?

From Kidical Mass is a legal, safe and FUN bike ride for kids, kids at heart, and their families. The first ride was held in April 2008 in Eugene, Oregon and has now spread to over a dozen communities throughout North America and beyond. The rides are meant to be family friendly bike rides through a community. They generally meet at a park and end not too far away at another fun spot (park, ice cream shop, pool, or special event).

Join Us

Are you in the Denver area? Join us on Facebook. Our first event is in October, and I’ll be sharing more on this in the coming days!

Back to School Time – Let’s Talk Bike to School Safety

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Photo Credit: Mark Stosberg

School started this week in many areas of Denver. The parents are recovering from a summer hang over, and the kids are excitedly showing off their new shoes, backpacks, and hopefully pedaling or walking to school! As a mom that lives in North Stapleton I get to see the bike and foot parade every morning and afternoon as the kids head to High Tech Elementary. I’m thankful that the majority of the kids have helmets on, but often that is where the safety ends. Here are a few quick tips on bicycle safety for your kids!

The Basics

Helmet and Safe Shoes

I think this is self-explanatory! Please make it a routine, and requirement that your kids wear a helmet and shoes while riding their bike.

Wear Bright Clothes

Many of the uniforms I see riding around my neighborhood have navy or gray tops. Pick up a brightly colored windbreaker, or a safety vest that your child has to wear. Yes they will fuss, but let them pick out the jacket and it may be easier.

Safety Check

Your kids were probably pretty hard on their bikes this summer with all the fun they had. Have you bolt checked their bike, and inflated the tires? If you are in the neighborhood I am happy to do this for free. Simply contact me and mention this post!

Ride With Them the Weekend Before

Start out slow with your kids and ride on a peaceful weekend before you brave the round trip ride to and from school that will be busy with many humans, cars, and buses. Teach your kids hand signals, where to stop, what to look for, and how to act around cars, people, dogs, and strollers. You are already winning if you have been practicing this all summer long with friends!

Stapleton Kids Biking

Photo Credit: Mark Stosberg

Make Your Kids More Visible

Bell or Horn

Help your kids be heard! A lot of kids ride on sidewalks then come up behind pedestrians and don’t know their right from their left which can cause a tangle. Help them to learn when to use their bell / horn so people know they are coming. (I keep easy to use Jellibells in stock at all times for you.)

Blinky Lights

Basic front and rear blinky lights are <$15 and your kids will love them. I’m also a big fan of Reelights which are magnetically driven and stay running as long as your wheels are moving. You no longer need to worry about batteries, or turning the lights on!

Rear Flag

Kids typically can’t be seen over cars. The flag helps them grow a couple of feet, and the fluttering orange fabric catches people’s attention. Yes, I know it isn’t cool but for under $15 you can ensure your child is seen much better.

What are your tips for safe back to school biking? Please add them in the comment section!


Photo credit: Both photos from this post are from Mark Stosberg. Find him on Flickr and Twitter!

Now Launching: Northeast Denver Mobile Bicycle Repair

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Bike Shop Girl Stapleton Bicycle Repair

6 weeks ago my family was heavily contemplating opening our very own bike shop here in Denver, Colorado. An amazing opportunity dropped in our laps for a perfect location near our home in Northeast Denver. We ran through all the various scenarios, but in the end this isn’t the time for our young family to dedicate ourselves to a traditional bicycle shop. It hurts to the core to pass up on the opportunity, but I also know that it was the right decision for everyone involved especially my two favorite humans – my wife, and daughter.

During the business planning I listed out all of the my personal reasons I wanted to open a shop. A couple of weeks after turning down the location I returned to that list, and with new eyes saw that the top 4  reasons I wanted to open a bike shop didn’t include a brick and mortar location.

The top 4 reasons why I wanted to open a bike shop

  1. Provide the best repair, and customer service possible
  2. Identify, and help eliminate the barriers keeping my neighbors from riding their bikes more often
  3. Build a friendly cycling community for families and everyday cyclists
  4. Become a valuable resource for routes, rides, and unique cycling events in NE Denver

As you may have also noticed, none of these reasons were specific to selling bikes, but instead selling (and servicing) an amazing experience. I’ve thought a lot about this over the past few years of my life, and it only increased when the idea of a shop came to light. How can I rethink bicycle sales and service?  Momentarily my wife and I discussed a mobile bike shop, but it seemed the cost to entry was too high. You need a huge van ($60k+), a good amount of inventory ($15k+), and a lot of time. Then last week  a light bulb went off while helping a neighbor with her bike that was having issues after it was recently repaired by the only bike shop in the area. How about I do bicycle service and sales my way? How do I help my neighbors receive great service, and resources without dealing with the negative side of many bike shops?

Answer: Open a mobile bike shop of course.

A community focused business bringing professional bicycle service to my neighbors doorsteps. The business will grow as I ask more questions to determine how to get my neighbors pedaling more. For now I am focused on services, and basic accessories that bridge the recreational gap. Things like lights, locks, and bike commuting accessories.

What’s Next?

A business has been created. Liability insurance has been signed. In the first few days I’ve worked on 10+ bikes under the business name of Bike Shop Girl LLC. There are future plans of course, but for now I’m excited to go back to my roots as a master mechanic servicing my local Northeast Denver area.

If you are in the Stapleton, Lowry, Park Hill, or west Aurora area you can easily book a bike servicing appointment online!

Thanks for joining in this ride of a lifetime,


Photo credit: The amazing