15 Sep ’09

Let’s Talk Saddles : Types of Saddles

Here at Bike Shop Girl we realized long ago that finding the right saddle is a very

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13 Sep ’09

I Spy : 2010 Raleigh Preview

A small birdy sent me previews of very hip looking ladies bikes from Raleigh

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11 Sep ’09

I Spy : 2010 Santa Cruz Juliana

Yesterday I spotted on Bike Radar the new 2010 Santa Cruz Juliana.   If I remember

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9 Sep ’09

Welcome the Xtracycle Pea Pod LT

There is no hiding how much I love my Xtracycle when I use it as much as possible.

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8 Sep ’09

Basics of Road Group Rides : Follow Up

Over a month ago I talked about basics of riding with a road group.  Several people

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6 Sep ’09

Building a Flat Kit

A flat kit is all those emergency tools or parts that you need if you get a flat,

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3 Sep ’09

And We Are Back

The new layout is still getting some fine tweaking but so far I am happy with the

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31 Aug ’09

Girl Scout Fighting for Crosswalk

A young, 10 year old, girl in New Jersey is fighting for the right of safety to

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31 Aug ’09

Preventative Maintenance : Lube Your Chain

Proper technique in lubing your chain will help prolong the life of your drive train

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