29 Apr ’10

Naked, Without My Basket

Two months ago I started commuting daily with the most fashionable basket possible,

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25 Apr ’10

Different Types of Pedals

There are a variety of pedal types out in bike land these days.  The three top

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23 Apr ’10

Video : Weekly Update for April 24th

Catching everyone up with what is going on here, what is new in house for review and

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21 Apr ’10

Pink Shoes

A customer came in to the bike shop yesterday looking for pink shoes.  The only

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15 Apr ’10

What to Expect on Mountain Bike Group Rides

Every Monday night there is a group ride that I put together at a local state

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13 Apr ’10

Podcast Episode #5 : Q&A with Cervelo Test Team’s Patricia...

Back in March during the Cervelo dealer show, I had the opportunity to sit in on a

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12 Apr ’10

Cervelo’s YouTube Stream

For the past few months I’ve been doing my best to find good video content,

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11 Apr ’10

Computer and Camera Woes

If you are a loyal BSG reader, you know that about two weeks I slowed down on

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8 Apr ’10

Can I Wear Guys Cycling Shorts?

The easy answer to the question “Can I wear guys cycling shorts?” Yes!

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6 Apr ’10

Introduction : Gore Bike Wear Power Lady Jacket

MSRP : $199.99 GORE-TEX® Paclite® Shell Options : 4 colors, 6 sizes From the

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