Friday Night Lights

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Another work week has come and gone. Thankfully last night after the close of the business week I found myself with the time to stop by the local trail on my way home from work.  The weather has been getting … Read More

Bicycle Building with Friends

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Before my El Mariachi was even an idea, my friend Shelley was looking for a 29er. We went through all the various options and her needs. As I’m still biased to many of Salsa’s products, and the Mamasita was a … Read More

Where Do You Go Now?

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A follow up from a few Friday’s ago..October 1st.  The first day of October Two Thousand Ten.  10,01,10. TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday That’s what I kept saying to myself a few Friday’s ago.     It was the first day … Read More

Feedback Needed

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Let’s cut to the chase : I was hit by a car My life perspective has changed I sold Commute By Bike Trying to mountain bike more Adding more spin on marketing and social media, what I do for an … Read More


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First off, thank you all for your warm responses, comments, emails and Tweets.  I greatly appreciate it and it has made the experience a bit easier to handle. I’m still gathering thoughts, and trying to find closure on the events … Read More

I was hit by a car on Friday

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I’m not really ready to post too many details, it is easier to tell you to read my Twitter feed for details. Trying to mentally wrap my head around it. Full story.. Read my Twitter feed @bikeshopgirlcom

Safety is More Important

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The below quote is pulled from the Ottawa Citizen that by chance found its way to my inbox this morning. It is very fitting as only last night while riding home from work the reminder of personal safety was rudely … Read More

Gore-Tex I Love You

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It has been raining non-stop in Charlotte, NC, I’m not complaining as we have been in a drought. My morning was pleasant thanks to freshly installed fenders and a Gore Paclite (waterproof) jacket. How about you, are you wimping out … Read More

Riyoko Urban Bikewear with Style

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It seems that Riyoka has heard my call of need for clothing to wear on the bike, and into work. Company Bio Riyoko: ree-yo-ko v. to travel in Japanese. “Biking allows you the freedom to get from point a to … Read More