1 Jan ’11

The Best of 2010 at Bike Shop Girl

One of the best things I enjoy about ringing in a new year is looking back at 2010

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28 Dec ’10

Did Santa Bring You Something for Cycling?

As the holidays are winding down and people are getting home for travels, or heading

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25 Dec ’10

Planning the 2011 Season

It is easy to say that 2010 for me was one of changes, mental rearranging and

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24 Dec ’10

Robbie and Robbie on Team RadioShack

In my teens I loved to watch pro cycling.  This was the time when Greg Lemond, then

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22 Dec ’10

Essentials For the Cyclist on Your Holiday List

We can almost count the time to Christmas in hours and unfortunately I missed

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16 Dec ’10

Virtually “Checking In”

I wanted to write everyone and say thank you again, and to also note that I’ve

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9 Dec ’10

#YouCanRide, Thank You All

I wanted to thank all of you for the overwhelming response to my last post. I'm

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Finding the Soul to Ride 30 Nov ’10

Finding the Soul to Ride

We all know by now, I was hit by a car two months ago.   To this date I

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18 Nov ’10

Crashing Your Bicycle into Golden Leaves

It was a stupid idea, I knew that within 30 feet of entering the trail head.  

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17 Nov ’10

Attempting a Vlog for Bike Shop Girl

I’m working out the kinks to do the weekly vlog again.   A few different

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