11 Jun ’10

Do You Wear Sunscreen When You Ride?

A valid question was asked over on Twitter, “Do You Wear Sunscreen When You

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8 Jun ’10

Essentials Purchases for Your First Triathlon

This week on Bike Shop Girl we are covering triathlons and the basics of getting

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3 Jun ’10

Basic Things to Know about Triathlons

Triathlons are an amazing sport to set a goal for, keep your training varied and

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1 Jun ’10

Talk of Triathlons

If you live in United States and bicycle, there is a high chance you know about

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27 May ’10

Women in the Bike Industry, Who is to Blame?

There is a hot debate going on at Bike Hugger.  Two articles are to be mentioned :

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20 May ’10

Kids Bike Sales are Rising

According to an industry magazine, Bicycle Retailer, the biggest increase of

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19 May ’10

Keep Your Tools in Style

If you are like me, you use various bikes for different reasons.  We’ve

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13 May ’10

Bike Commuting with Children

Over at I posted an article this morning about the various ways to

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12 May ’10

Clipless Pedal Advantages and Disadvantages

We recently talked about the different types of pedals, and left the conversation

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9 May ’10

Happy Mother’s Day

I wanted to wish all my readers, that are also mothers a very Happy Mother’s

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