13 Sep ’10

Prolly : A Girl and Her Bike

Prolly is Not Probably has a host of images of Jess Versus and her beautiful purple

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7 Sep ’10

Don’t Forget to Hydrate

As the summer cools off and we are entering the perfect temperatures of late

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Outlier Pants 3 Sep ’10

Commuting : How Not to Wear Spandex

Originally posted at our sister site : My tri-modal commute to

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29 Aug ’10

Ontario Attorney General Runs Over Bicycle Messenger

A friend and also Bike Shop Girl Supporter, RedSonia, sent over this information. 

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23 Aug ’10

Bicycle Storage Idea

A reader sent photos of her $10 bike storage concept utilizing closest rod brackets

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22 Aug ’10

Another Bicyclist Hit in Charlotte, NC

In the beginning of July I reported on a bicycle accident that happened less than 8

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19 Aug ’10

Tracking Your Progress

As humans we like to track things, some humans more than others, but needing to know

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15 Aug ’10

My Evolution from Biking Girl to Biking Mom

Being a first-time mom comes with its challenges, but integrating your family with

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8 Aug ’10

Where’s Bike Shop Girl?

The month of July ended in a bang, a wonderful, end of a symphony type of bang.  

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