Bicycle Recovery 8 Nov ’10

Steps to Recovery After My Bicycle Accident

Physically, the recovery from my accident has been pretty straight forward. My mom

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8 Nov ’10

Pedal Savvy Bike Fashion Show

Fritz over at posted some great photos from the Pedal Savvy Fashion

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6 Nov ’10

Friday Night Lights

Another work week has come and gone. Thankfully last night after the close of the

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5 Nov ’10

Bicycle Building with Friends

Before my El Mariachi was even an idea, my friend Shelley was looking for a 29er. We

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4 Nov ’10

Where Do You Go Now?

A follow up from a few Friday’s ago..October 1st.  The first day of October

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4 Nov ’10

Feedback Needed

Let’s cut to the chase : I was hit by a car My life perspective has changed I

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20 Oct ’10


First off, thank you all for your warm responses, comments, emails and Tweets.  I

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3 Oct ’10

I was hit by a car on Friday

I’m not really ready to post too many details, it is easier to tell you to

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29 Sep ’10

Safety is More Important

The below quote is pulled from the Ottawa Citizen that by chance found its way to my

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28 Sep ’10

Gore-Tex I Love You

It has been raining non-stop in Charlotte, NC, I’m not complaining as we have

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