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Feedback Needed


Let’s cut to the chase :

  • I was hit by a car
  • My life perspective has changed
  • I sold Commute By Bike
  • Trying to mountain bike more
  • Adding more spin on marketing and social media, what I do for an honest living

In efforts to keep things more stream line in my life I’m looking to my readers for input.  I’ve been posting as an outlet and recovery strictly on Arsbars.com, talking bikes, builds and marketing.   As my life is mostly those three things I’m looking to you all for feedback if you would be okay with marketing, SEO and daily life about 25% on BSG if it meant my content would be 100% of the time on BSG?

Give me feedback so I can turn my energy back to you all.



First off, thank you all for your warm responses, comments, emails and Tweets.  I greatly appreciate it and it has made the experience a bit easier to handle.

I’m still gathering thoughts, and trying to find closure on the events that have happened in the past few weeks.  Temporarily please visit Arsbars.com (my personal blog) for more thoughts and feelings.

Thanks again to everyone. I’ll be back at it soon!

I was hit by a car on Friday


I’m not really ready to post too many details, it is easier to tell you to read my Twitter feed for details.

Trying to mentally wrap my head around it.
Full story.. Read my Twitter feed @bikeshopgirlcom

Safety is More Important


The below quote is pulled from the Ottawa Citizen that by chance found its way to my inbox this morning. It is very fitting as only last night while riding home from work the reminder of personal safety was rudely reminded to my senses. A car, not thinking, took a right hand in front of me only after passing me 3 minutes before. Fortunately I ride my bicycle the same as a motorcycle… as if I was invisible. While the car drove past me and slowed down I was also slowing ready to react.  Would most riders react this way? Unfortunately I don’t believe so.

The driver was in the wrong, and if I had been hit or hit the car the law was on my side. I can’t afford that, nor do I want to put myself at the jeopardy of a 1,000+lb automobile. My helmet can only save so much of my body!  Read on for the article from the Ottawa Citizen.

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Gore-Tex I Love You


It has been raining non-stop in Charlotte, NC, I’m not complaining as we have been in a drought.

My morning was pleasant thanks to freshly installed fenders and a Gore Paclite (waterproof) jacket.

How about you, are you wimping out of riding because of rain? Suck it up guys.

Excuse my grammar, sent from my mobile phone.

Make sure.to add me on Twitter @bikeshopgirlcom

2011 Raleigh Capri Womens Road Bikes


In August of 2011 we did a full review of Raleigh Capri 4.0, view it over yonder.

Aluminum hydroframed with carbon fork, change the spec and you have three different levels of Raleigh’s new womens road line.   There are some thoughts I walk away with after looking through the line.  First off, I don’t understand the geometry and will look more into it with Raleigh.  I wish they would bring the smaller 45cm through the whole sizes, especially since it has a 495mm top tube!  Until I have more answers, here’s the 2011 Raleigh Capri womens line up…

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My Surly Long Haul Trucker Touring Bike

5 Surly Long Haul Trucker

In the weeks, months and hopefully years to come, I’m going to start yapping about touring, camping and all things “adventure biking.”   First thing up is of course the bike!

Welcome my Surly Long Haul Trucker

When I started this build I originally started it as a short distance commuter. The front end was very upright and not very efficient for the long haul, no pun intended. As my commute and need for a longer, faster, ride I swapped out the front end of the bike for a mountain bike flat bar, Ergon grips and longer stem.

The bike has been changed for a week and I’m really enjoying it.  The first test will be a sub 24 hour overnight this weekend (S24o) when I ride to a nearby park to go camping.

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