Finding the Soul to Ride 30 Nov ’10

Finding the Soul to Ride

We all know by now, I was hit by a car two months ago.   To this date I

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18 Nov ’10

Crashing Your Bicycle into Golden Leaves

It was a stupid idea, I knew that within 30 feet of entering the trail head.  

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17 Nov ’10

Attempting a Vlog for Bike Shop Girl

I’m working out the kinks to do the weekly vlog again.   A few different

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16 Nov ’10

Continental Mountain King 29×2.4 Tire Initial Review

Last week I finally received my new Industry Nine wheels that have been on order for

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12 Nov ’10

Halloween Fish Nets, Ladies Dancing and Bicycles

This video sounds like a young bicycle loving boys dream. Personally, I want our

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12 Nov ’10

Tomorrow is my Birthday, This is What I’m Wishing For

November 13th is the day that I annually turn one year older, or my mother reminds

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11 Nov ’10

Review: Cutter Tech Knickerbocker

MSRP : $149.99 Details : A very stretchy, comfortable knicker that was designed for

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Bicycle Industry Regressing 10 Nov ’10

The Bicycle Industry is Regressing

As technology expands and new bike products, or forms of bike products,  hit the

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Twin Six Fat Cyclist Jersey 9 Nov ’10

Thank God for Spandex – I’ve Gotten Fat

Relatively speaking, I’ve been doing my best to not hold back lately on this

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8 Nov ’10

Luna Sports Donates to High School Mountain Bike Team

Across the country small pockets of youth in middle and high schools are creating

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