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Arleigh Jenkins has over 15 years of bicycle industry experience from bike shop rat, to operations manager and GM. She was motivated to create Bike Shop Girl to empower women and families in bicycling.

Specialized Amira Women's Road Bike
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Do you remember the 2012 Specialized Amira I was so excited about? Bike Hugger captured a photo of one in the wild! View this and others over at

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Airborne Cyclocross Bike
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I won’t lie, the Airborne Delta CX was the most exciting part of becoming a member of the Airborne Flight Crew this past spring. I was going to have the inside scoop, test ride and ride for a season a wonderful cyclocross bike that hopefully would crack open a huge

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Road Holland The Aalmsmeer
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A sneak peak exclusive for Bike Shop Girl from our friends at Road Holland. The folks at Road Holland are pulling their subtle styles and beautiful reasoning into a lighter weight merino wool (and polyester) full zip jersey, The Aalsmeer.  It helps the jersey comes in two of my favorite

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BlogMotivational MondayWomen's Cycling

A day late, but I hope my readers can recognize why and this Motivational Monday (on Tuesday) reaches folks where it matters. The setup will be a bit different, as this is a story from my fingers on someone that has motivated me consistently over the past 10 months. There

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Women's Cycling Monday Recovery Ride

Today is the day I started “cyclocross training.” It should have been July 1st, but well I didn’t. August 1st is a doable time period as NC Cyclocross runs later than most parts of the country, October 22nd is the first race. What does this mean? This means I need

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A very difficult motivational Monday will be coming, but probably on a Tuesday morning. A dear friend, team-mater and supporter through the last year had a fatal accident over the weekend…

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North Carolina Cyclocross
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I’m officially getting pumped for the upcoming cyclocross season. Maybe it is delirium over the heat lately, or maybe the simple feeling of setting a goal for myself and really wanting to meet it? Over the years I have compiled a great list of resources for inspiration, information, tips and

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Chrome Sherman Bag Review
BlogPartsWomen's Cycling

The Chrome Sherman is a bag that makes you think out of the box. (No pun intended.) It has allowed me to expand my services as a mechanic, and be more efficient when doing so.

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FITS Co Sock Review
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Pulling on the Performance Trail sock I felt like I was pulling on a Smart Wool sock but with more arch support. As if the sock was giving my sock a nice hug at the end of a long day.

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Tech Tuesday
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Make sure to visit the sponsors of this posts.. Problem Solvers! One concern that so many women (and guys) have with owning a bike is the basics of fixing it, or how to do basic road side repairs. I do recommend that as an avid cyclist even with some mechanical

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