Bike Shop Girl | Arleigh
A woman owned mobile bicycle workshop in Northeast Denver, Colorado with over 15+ years experience as a master mechanic.
Bike Shop Girl, Denver Bicycle Repair, Denver Mobile Bike Repair, Women's Bike Repair
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Author: Arleigh

In the web development world we work in two to four week sprints to collaborate and get things done more effectively. In an effort to not plan too much, and "be more with less" I want to look at the year with goals in mind, but creating these short sprints in tandem with my wife, family and friends.

Main Goals for Early 2016

Over the course of the year I'll be thinking and operating in this sprint fashion to buckle down on goals. I hope to document this, and what the outcomes are.

New Year's Eve is a day most people are setting resolutions or goals for the next year, but I took this morning to reflect on 2015. ...

I've had this phrase, "Be More With Less", floating around in my head for a couple of weeks now. As I wade through moving boxes that haven't been opened for 6 months in an effort to move everything out of our basement for a remodel the phrase starts to pound at the back of my head like a migraine coming into power. Ever since I hit "adult hood" the amount of stuff required to be happy seems to increase exponentially every year. In the same mindset we are trying to force more work out of a 24 hour day, and send emails at a faster response rate.  Our brain has learned that buying that new gadget, or eating that extra brownie is reward, and we all deserve MORE reward. We want more promotions, more money, more square footage in our house, and the famous phrase in the bike industry is: "the perfect amount of bikes to own is n+1". Why isn't our culture striving for more family time, more healthy options, more thoughtful moments, more experiences that can't be bought but are always the ones remembered?  I believe it is one part programming, and one part greed in a sociological form.

Goals are part of my internal make-up. The shiny threads woven into my unique fabric that keep me happiest in life....

As a mom, and anti-training wheel advocate, I am so happy to see the push bike market growing for children. The more readily available options there are will hopefully create more buzz around teaching children how to ride without the training wheels. Public Bikes was created "to make riding more enjoyable, practical, and chic." Their adult city bikes aren't known for fancy parts, or being overly durable (and expensive). They are simple, classy, and getting people back into the everyday neighborhood bikes. They entered the kids market with the Mini V and Mini C push bikes and we have had one in for review for the past few months.
Tomorrow will be my first ride on the trainer in a year. Some people may groan when they read this thinking that riding indoors is boring or worthless but these indoor rides are critical for my sanity and fitness during the winter. I don't mind riding when it's frigid cold out, but in Denver we get a lot of freeze/thaw/freeze which leaves a lot of black ice. Black ice and over confident drivers shouldn't be put together, but they often are on the streets of Denver. Additionally, riding the trainer gives you very dedicated training time to knock out intervals and pile on the watts. You don't need to find the perfect road, or be frustrated with stop lights and you can get your work out done quickly during kids naps! There are many trainers on the market these days, and in an effort to add clarity to the confusion I put together a quick guide to the essential pieces that you need to know when buying a trainer.