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Arleigh Jenkins has over 15 years of bicycle industry experience from bike shop rat, to operations manager and GM. She was motivated to create Bike Shop Girl to empower women and families in bicycling.

Arleigh and Ellington
Better Bike Industry

It is very easy to say that I have entered the greatest chapter of my life with the birth of my daughter, Ellington, earlier this year. What I haven’t told you fully is that I stepped out of the full time bike shop world in May to spend most of my days with Ellington.

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I’ve been chewing on something for about 18 months and have never really taken action as I didn’t know if it would matter to anyone. Would you use a women’s community forum? Ideally this forum would be broken down into riding types, and then tech, for sale, etc. Let me

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Burley Solstice Stroller Review 8.5

It may seem like an extreme statement, but the Burley Solstice Stroller has saved my sanity over the past 4 months. Click to find out how.

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Motivational Monday Emily
BlogCyclingMotivationMotivational Monday

Today’s Motivational Monday is with Emily Sportsman who considers herself a “cross-vangelical”!

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DZR Mechanic Shoe Review 9.0
ClothingFashion, Style and ClothingProductsReviews

A rundown of the new Mechanic shoe from DZR. Does this shoe hold up to the standards of it’s name? Find out!

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Surly Ogre
Bike BuyingCycling TipsProducts

Several years ago I took some slack based off an article I threw out there that women’s 29er don’t work. I still stand next to this opinion and today we will analyze what all goes into a bike fitting well.

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Motivational Monday Jennifer
BlogMotivationMotivational Monday

This week’s Motivational Monday is with Jennifer, who empowered herself through bike riding!

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Welcome Back Ride

This weekend I was able to take my first real road ride since Ellie was born in March. It was slow going, but any day on the bike is better than not!

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Motivational Monday - Cait Dooley
MotivationMotivational MondayWomen's Cycling

This week’s Motivational Monday is with Cait, who has some very inspiring thoughts on how to promote women’s riding.

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Pello Bikes Kickstarter
BlogFeaturedKidsKids Bikes

Pello Bikes has two weeks left on a Kickstarter to bring well built, and fitting kids bikes to market. Click to learn more!

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