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Welcome to Bike Shop Girl

I’m Arleigh and the founder of Bike Shop Girl. I have spent most of my life immersed in the bicycle industry with over 15+ years as a master bicycle mechanic, and fitter. In 2008, I started Bike Shop Girl as I quickly realized there weren’t many women in bike shops to help answer women’s questions and give real-life reviews of products from a women’s perspective. A decade and two kids later, my focus has expanded beyond the bike shop and building a better bike industry for everyone.

The Bike Shop Girl Mission

Bike Shop Girl has grown over the years beyond women’s cycling coverage and reviews. These days our work goes beyond the pages of this website as we provide bike shops and brands with bike industry marketing and strategy with the one goal: build a better bike industry.

It’s a gift when personal and professional lives can overlap and I take it very seriously when we say our mission is to build a better bike industry. My team works with bike shops and brands to build PROFITABLE operations and EFFECTIVE marketing that works from the local bike shop up to the national brand presence.

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