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Buffalo Creek

Review: Buffalo Creek Mountain Biking

Back in mid-July, Emily and I finally made the quick trip to Buffalo Creek for some mountain biking. This trail system has a lot of hype around it and within a few miles of our route I realized why. Where is Buffalo Creek? Buffalo Creek, Colorado, is about an hour southwest of Denver proper according to Google. With very minimal turns, it is a quick trip from the city and if you get up early enough I bet you could make it in 45 minutes. There a…

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Melissa Magann 6 Hours of Warrior Creek

Melissa’s Race Recap: 2011 6 Hours of Warrior Creek

…any more – you have to get up too dang early. But I’m up and on my way to N. Wilkesboro, NC for the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek to race in the female duo category with my awesome partner, Arleigh Jenkins (brainchild of em:pwr cycling) and my “pit crew” Shelley with me. It’s supposed to be a beautiful Saturday for racing, albeit a little windy, even though it rained earlier in the week things should have dried up nicely. Little did we know an isolat…

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6 Hours of Warrior Creek Secret Discount Code

For some reason Jason over at 6 Hours of Warrior Creek likes me…  Regardless he has allowed me to slip you folks a secret discount code. 6 Hours of Warrior Creek April 7, 2012 in Wilkesboro, NC Registration opens October 31, 2011 at 12:01am here…Click me (but look at the code below) The first 100 spots that use the below coupon code… get 20% off applicable registration fees! Secret Code for Registration: HEADWATERS1   &nbs…

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6 hours warrior creek 2013

Race Report: 2013 6 Hours of Warrior Creek

This was the fourth year of testing my metal against the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek. Each year as half of a women’s duo, my partner Melissa has always been the ringer for us and I wanted to be able to pull my half of the race as strong as she could. Originally, this race was supposed to be a tuning race for the Burn 24 in late May. As plans have changed, boxes are being packed and I realized this would be my last race in the southeast it bec…

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Arleigh Jenkins 6 Hours of Warrior Creek

2012 6 Hours of Warrior Creek Report – The good, the bad and the really ugly

…for the past couple weeks. I’m going to utilize this idea and sum up how I feel the day after 6 Hours of Warrior Creek. broken |ˈbrōkən| past participle of break  adjective 1 having been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece or in working order : a broken arm. • rejected, defeated, or despairing : he went to his grave a broken man | a broken heart. • sick or weakened : broken health. • (of a relationship) ended, typically by betr…

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6 Hours of Warrior Creek

Arleigh’s Race Recap: 2011 6 Hours of Warrior Creek

…n life that I am juggling.   A few days last week I started to stress out majorly about the upcoming 6 Hours of Warrior Creek. Worries are for Pussies And I’m a pussy.   Here’s a small list of things I stressed about over the course of the week prior to the race. Tire selection Gear selection Lack of riding in the mountains Lack of gears Lack of suspension Lack of pre-riding the course Girlfriend would be in the pit with a broken foot…

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Warrior Creek

6 Hours of Warrior Creek Race Prep

…ng is back as part of my life like it was prior to my bike accident in October. Training and prep work done for Warrior Creek wasn’t as swell as I had hoped.  The weekends I hoped to pre-ride the course, or simply ride in the mountains it was either snowing or pouring down rain.   There is no pre-ride of the course until the first lap this Saturday, there is no checking tire selection, pressure or single speed gear.   Everything I would rec…

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Testing Out DZ Nuts at 6 Hours of Warrior Creek

This past Saturday I suited up for a 6 hour mountain bike race.  I haven’t been able to get on the bike that often lately, especially the mountain bike.  The course was found in Wilkesboro, NC, and was a rather hilly course.  One thing to know about where I am from (Charlotte, NC) does not have hills, so this race was going to be the awakening. When I suited up, I did something that I tell all customers not to do – I put on a brand n…

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