If you are an avid reader, you know that I am an avid fan of cargo bikes and I have personally been riding a Bullitt front-loading cargo bike as my daily ride for a little over 2 years since my daughter was 6 months old. You can read the Ultimate Bullitt Cargo Bike Review here.

I’m always testing out new versions of cargo bikes and the new Yuba Supermarche piqued my interest when it became available earlier this fall. The following is based on a long test ride I took on a Yuba Supermarche from SloHi Bike in Denver, Colorado. When I test rode the bike there wasn’t a box or seat available so I couldn’t test it for too long without a way to carry my daughter. We will have a more extensive review coming once we can test it out long term.

Yuba Supermarche Cargo Bike Details

Price: Starting at $2,599
Load: 220lbs/100kg payload and carry 2 passengers + a baby on the back with a Yepp seat or pad
Steering: Smooth cable activated steering
Frame: Aluminum
Fork: Steel
Wheels: Both are 20″. The front has a 36-hole rim and rear has a 48-hole
Components: Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano 3×8 drivetrain
Weight: 58.8 pounds (without any accessories)

Initial Impressions

A list of the few things that really struck me as I pedaled the bike around without any cargo:

Yuba Supermarche Cargo Bike Front Wheel

The 20″ wheels on the front and back allow the weight of the bike to be lower but they don’t soak up potholes as well as a 24″ or 26″ wheel.

Yuba Supermarche Cargo Bike Frame

The cargo section of the frame is very narrow compared to my Bullitt. I’ll measure this when I take the bike for an extended demo. I’m not sure how this would change things but may affect how wide of a box you can install.

Yuba Supermarche Cargo Bike Rear Rack

The step-thru design of the frame is brilliant and easy to get on.

Yuba Supermarche Cargo Bike Stem and Steerer

A massive steerer and adjustable stem allow you to create a front-loading cargo bike that fits you better than any bike I’ve seen.

Yuba Supermarche Cargo Bike Steering Cables

The steering is cable actuated. This very specific cable may look like a shifting cable, it isn’t and the replacement is only available from Yuba.

Riding the Supermarche

As I mentioned, I didn’t get to ride the bike with a load (child and dog) yet. Here are my first impressions:

  1. Super wide handlebars make the bike feel very stable.
  2. The ability to be very upright is nice!
  3. The small wheels feel stable but make for a bumpy ride
  4. The cable actuated steering slows down the “flip-flop” feeling of a front-loading cargo bike

Initial Thoughts

The Yuba Supermarche has several key things going for it including the fit adjustability, step-thru design, slower steering, and smaller wheels. I’m also interested to see how readily available this is in the United States in the spring of 2018. If this bike is stocked with more shops it will hopefully increase the interest in cargo bikes!

I only have a few concerns but for any cargo bike owner, you’ll understand how important they are. First, the kickstand is pretty narrow and may not be as stable as others. I plan on measuring it compared to my Bullitt. Next, available accessories are limited right now which is a real game changer for me. I’ve been personally looking at trading in my Bullitt for something that has a better hood/rain cover and longer box to fit a car seat and toddler in it (The Urban Arrow.) Finally, the 20″ rear wheel leaves you limited on turning this into a powerful e-bike with a Bionx rear wheel. There are options, just not the best option.

In the end, I’m really excited that this bike is available in the US by a US bike brand. I look forward to trying it out with my kids and dog on board! Have you ridden one? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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