Strava recently updated their club format to be more effective, in my humble opinion, by making Strava clubs about socializing, and not only leaderboards. This is really appealing to me as the Bike Shop Girl community has always been strong in creating riding relationships, and empowering people to ride more often. With this in mind (and to test out the new features) I started a Bike Shop Girl Strava Club. Join us! Well, it’s really just me for now, so join me! In the near future I hope to have prizes, and swag for awards each month.

I’m typing this in the Toronto YYZ airport headed home from a few days in Toronto at a bike dealer event. More information to come on the event, but spending a few days with fellow bike geeks helped stroke the fire of riding. I’m ready to get home, spend time with my family, and go for a bike ride!

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