Since May, I cut back from serious riding after I kept getting sick on and off for weeks at a time. With a planned tonsillectomy a month from now, and my pants getting tighter every week, I decided it was a good time to get back on the horse and start pedaling. Yesterday I went directly from the couch to an FTP (functional threshold power) test on the trainer with the training program called TrainerRoad. It was painful, and I have lost a good amount of my fitness yet it felt so good!!

My Fall Training Goals

I’m taking this fall and winter 30 days at a time. Apparently a tonsillectomy (and deviated septum) surgery takes about 2 weeks to recover from. With that unknown I plan on using the next 30 days until surgery to get started on trainer work, and build some base. As I mentioned, I started TrainerRoad yesterday morning on the Sweet Spot Base Low Volume plan. This plan is only 3.5 hours a week of trainer work during the first block and I plan on complimenting it with yoga, hikes, and strength work.  Do you have any yoga podcast to recommend?

Post Surgery: Once I feel recovered from surgery I plan on restarting my TrainerRoad base block from the start, including an FTP test. At that point I’ll reassess longer term goals, and a season plan.

A Week at a Time 

I’m a planner and analyst by nature so it is a very different place to take a week or even 30 days at a time! I look forward to seeing how surgery goes, and how quickly I can get back to longer term planning.

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