Bike Shop Girl | Kickstarter: PocketDoJo – the book that will change your life
A woman owned mobile bicycle workshop in Northeast Denver, Colorado with over 15+ years experience as a master mechanic.
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Kickstarter: PocketDoJo – the book that will change your life

Kickstarter: PocketDoJo – the book that will change your life

Introducing PocketDoJo™

From Kickstarter – PocketDoJo™ is an on-the-go organizational system for the modern list-maker—and the perfect productivity accessory for busy parents, students and professionals alike. The PocketDoJo™ system includes a specially-designed pocket notebook and a handy organizer sleeve to keep your pocket notebooks, pens and business cards organized, protected and ready for action. The PocketDoJo™ kit fits neatly in your jacket breast pocket or jeans back pocket—or slip it into your handbag, backpack or briefcase. As immersed as we are in handheld mobile technology today, you’ll be amazed how this simple little analog companion can change the way you get and stay organized. If it wasn’t so old-fashioned, we might call it revolutionary.

Why I Like It

As a recovering Evernoter I desperately need to write things down to remember them. I’m not a purse kinda girl so carrying around a moleskin sized notebook isn’t ideal. The size of the PocketDoJo is perfect to keep a small notebook, and essentials like wallet close by, but easy to throw in whatever biking pack I am using for the day. I strongly believe that my brain functions much better when writing notes, lists, and ideas instead of turning off to type.

The sweet spot for this kickstarter is right at $35 plus $5 s/h which gets you 3 notebooks, and the fancy sleeve from Rickshaw. If you can’t wait, the production ones are ready but not nearly as amazing of a deal.

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