REI’s Outessa Summit

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REI Outessa Summit

Where & When

Tahoe, CA – August 19-21
Powder, Mountain, UT – September 9-11

Some women charge toward work and life goals all week and by Friday can almost taste Saturday’s late breakfast or practically see the view from nearby mountains. Some women seamlessly transfer the workweek’s aim for excellence to a weekend-warrior passion.

For some women, happiness is the freedom to indulge in what they love. For others, it’s the continual discovery of shrinking limitations and expanding potential.

Outessa women are not either type of woman. They are both. Choice and flexibility means you can, and will, have it all.

It’s every woman’s weekend.

Celebrate or rest up—embrace the anticipation however you desire—but prepare for an event that may change your life.

Learn more about the Outessa Summit 

2 Comments on “REI’s Outessa Summit”

  1. Will you be at either? I just saw this even in my FB feed yesterday. Totally out of my comfort zone but has very much peaked my interest!

  2. Meg – I don’t believe so, but you never know! We won’t have my wife’s new work schedule until mid-summer for that time period so I can’t plan anything until then 🙂

    Which would you be interested in going to?

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