Kickstarter: Facing East

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Facing East Kickstarter

A few months ago I wrote about the bike industry, and especially women’s cycling needs more storytellers. Late last week I received a Facebook message that gifted me exactly that. Facing East isn’t directly about cycling, which to me makes the story even better. It is about using bikes as a tool, and as a vehicle of change instead as a trophy.

About Facing East

What would happen if you retracted the route from Europe to the Middle East – following the stories and path of refugees?  Follow us as we find out.

Facing East will explore the route of migration during the summer of 2016, when the flow of refugees is again predicted to increase. We will start at the end: Germany. A destination for many migrants, as the country once welcomed refugees with open arms.  We will cycle the route backwards, heading towards the home that they cannot return to. Our journey will end in Turkey, who has agreed to the controversial decision to hold back Syrian refugees and accept deported individuals from EU in exchange for financial support.

We will document our journey through our website and blog: updating it with captivating images, interviews, video clips, and personal reflections. Additionally, this project will become an evocative and personal feature-length documentary.

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