Essential Gear You Need for Biking

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Basic run down of the essential gear I recommend for you to carry on your bike from neighborhood rides to longer road rides. You may want to add some things like quick links, patch kits, and other small parts if you are interested in fixing your bike on the side of the path.

What are your bike questions? Let me know in the comments below!

4 Comments on “Essential Gear You Need for Biking”

  1. I am just getting into road biking. I am doing my first long ride in early June. It is a 60 mile ride. Any advice on what I should bring beyond water and maybe some fruit, snack bars, and nuts?

    1. Hey macie – did you get a chance to watch the video? Is this a ride with stops along the way? You should have gear on you to fix a flat, helmet, glasses, sunscreen, and many other things.

  2. Really essential post. Actually, some gears are mandatory to keep when we ride in the cycle and when it is long road biking we should keep those gears. I think all road bikers will be benefited by watching your video.

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