Too often lately I’ve been using the phrase, “can’t see the wood for the trees”. The New Year has come and gone, and it seems that we are all back into the hustle of daily life. Whether you are trying to hit your business goals for Q1, surviving your last months of residency, or cranking away the miles watching your off-season slip into the background – I can bet that most people reading this are so focused on the details of their today that they forget why they started the journey to begin with.

At about this point I could start throwing many motivational quotes at you like “it’s the journey and not the destination.” In all reality, it is whatever you want to make it. Whatever your motivation is – embrace it. We all must put the work in for the outcome we desire.

About now my wife would tell me to stop speaking in abstract analogies…

Currently, I am personally hustling with my new career venture at Love to Ride (more to come on Friday), and racking up the crit accelerations through my training with CTS. The spring road season is fast approaching, and I’m counting down the time to my first race in days instead of weeks. Every workout is a dedicated time to put in the effort, and to embrace the journey. This week I am focused on celebrating the improvements and gains I have made since starting these efforts with CTS in November. Increased watts, less weight, and a new approach to making the harmony of life work for us. They journey is not about one event, it is about all the things you’ve done along the way.

Question of the day: What are you working towards and why did you begin this journey?


  1. Thanks for the question. I am definitely working towards helping more people. Like you, I want to see more people on bikes for their health. I am working on connecting with more people and creating great resources to get more people started with cycling. Cycling has been so rewarding for me. It empowers me and I want everyone to have that same feeling. I’m with you!

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