The majority of my day was spent at the Colorado Bicycle Summit in downtown Denver. Sometime here in the near future I hope to write a full recap of my experience, but for now I would like to get out the thoughts and reflections rattling around in my head.

Our morning at the summit was filled with great speakers including Mikael Colville-Andersen from Copenhagenize, the Colorado Bike Czar – Ken Gart, and the CDOT ED – Shailen Bhatt. All of these guys provided unique perspectives to the challenges facing safe bicycling in Colorado, and equally diverse outlooks to how we better our society.

What stuck with me throughout the day wasn’t earth shattering bike infrastructure, policies, or funding. It was the simple idea of making the cities and communities around us feel and mirror the citizens that live within it. “Does your city fit you?” was a question that Mikael asked, and it will sit with me for the coming days. Yes, I believe my little carved out niche of city suburbia fits me, yet I don’t believe it is all that it could be OR the lasting “monument” of design and user experience that I want to leave my daughter.

As I reflect, shift and rewind the day’s moments I encourage you to ask yourself that question, “Does your city fit you?”

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