In the World of Biking We Need More Storytelling

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This Sunday morning I went through my typical weekend routine of waking up early and flipping through my feedly RSS reader to catch up on the world from the past 6 days. I’ve been turning to my RSS feeder less and less these days thanks to the political races, and overly saturated cycling product promos. Perhaps this is due to my time in the bike industry, or my place in life but the act of cycling is more exciting than the product we are riding, not to mention the political rat race that is happening across the country. A couple weeks ago I attended the Colorado Bike Summit and there was a full day of conversation around how to get more people riding. Never once was product apart of the discussion. It was a very refreshing day for me in comparison to an event like Interbike, Frostbike, or Sea Otter where new product are the highlights, low lights and main attractions!

Over the past few months I have become more fascinated with the idea of “Pro Bike, Pro Walk and Pro Place”. The idea of creating livable communities, and safe streets for all users not just the ones driving cars. How do we evolve the idea of cycling to become as popular as good public transportation, or an attractive pedestrian only street filled with busy shops and good coffee? The answer to me is story telling. Helping others see bikes from a more inclusive and inviting view for all ages, neighborhoods, and races. Removing the simple barriers and celebrating the small steps such as riding for coffee or to the playground. Our cities were not originally built for cars, they were built for people.

Reflecting on the Colorado Bike Summit and I’m back to the question, “Does my city fit me?” My answer is now a passionate yes, but I have to go out and make it for my family! My goal moving forward is to help others find or build these active and livable communities through story telling. I would love to hear how living an active and connected life outside affects you. Chime in on the comments below, email me or reach out on a social channel!

2 Comments on “In the World of Biking We Need More Storytelling”

  1. Hey Arleigh,
    Thanks for this great post. Really intrigued by your participation in the Colorado Bike Summit.
    One of the things that is important for me to be able to communicate to others is the feeling I have when I am exercising. We all know that pain we can see on an athlete’s face as they grind up the mountain. While it may be painful, there is much more going on that keeps us all in the game.
    I agree 100% that story telling is a great way to help everyone relate to cyclists. You may not cycle for the purpose of finishing first in a race, but the sense of pride and accomplishment is universal. And it is our job as storytellers to share that with everyone.
    I went on a ride today. It was cold day in February. Not many people can relate to that. Do you know what I felt when I was on that ride? I felt an overwhelming sense of freedom? And everyone want to feel that.
    Keep sharing your stories…

  2. Arleigh, you are correct. If we want to truly get the masses riding, we have to make it about the place, the people, and their stories (and not about the gear). A 30-yr-old steel bike should serve most people just fine.

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