In the web development world we work in two to four week sprints to collaborate and get things done more effectively. In an effort to not plan too much, and “be more with less” I want to look at the year with goals in mind, but creating these short sprints in tandem with my wife, family and friends.

Main Goals for Early 2016

Over the course of the year I’ll be thinking and operating in this sprint fashion to buckle down on goals. I hope to document this, and what the outcomes are.

Be More With Less – including a more defined budget, eating more high quality food and less junk (paleo style), less purchases, purging more goods, focusing on larger goals and desires instead of the instant gratification.

Show Gratitude – Write more thank you notes, say thank you more often, slow down and be humble.

Meditate & Read – Scheduling 10+ minutes a day to meditate and clear out some headspace. Carving out dedicated time to read with the goal of 2+ books a month, one of which must be fiction. I read a ton of non-fiction and want to give my brain some room to dream and create.

Dedicated Bike Training – I’ve given myself 6 months to try out the coaching, training, and dedicated time required to race this spring and summer.

2016 Bike Events

February 8-9: Colorado Bike Summit – CO Bike Advocacy
March 7-9: National Bike Summit – US Bike Advocacy at it’s best!
March 20: Oredigger Classic- Criterium
April 2: Wheels of Thunder – Criterium
April 24: Denver Federal Classic – Circuit Race
May 15: Boulder Orthopedics – Criterium
May 20-22: Superior Morgul Classic Ominum (Tentative)
June 4: City Park – Crit
June 12: 38 Criterium – State Champs
June 19: Beti Bike Bash – Mountain Bike
July 23-24: Courage Classic Charity Ride with Wife
Rest of 2016: TBD

What are your 2016 Goals and the strategy to achieve them?

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