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January Goals

January 2016 Goals

January Goals

As mentioned earlier, my plan for this year is to divide up goals in to “sprint” size bites. This could be 2-4 weeks at a time, and if you know anything about behavior change, it typically takes about 30 days for something to really take hold. My top goals in January are focused on 1. resetting my diet, 2. testing and optimizing a family budget, 3. creating space and time to dedicate towards my athletic goals. Here’s how I plan on creating a good foundation for these goals in January:

Resetting My Diet

A couple of years ago I did the Whole Life Challenge with my wife and had great success with it. The challenge starts on the 16th and our family is doing it again (Join us!). To give myself a good head start on this challenge I started eating strictly Paleo January 1st, much in line with the Whole 30 guidelines. My plan is to eat strictly Paleo for the month of January rolling into the Whole Life Challenge, and our vacation at the beginning of February. From there I hope to physically see the benefits, as I had experienced in the past after about 2 weeks eating Paleo I have great gains physically, and mentally. Moving in to February my thoughts currently are that I’ll switch to a more rounded view point for diet but really want to have a solid base through January of planning, cooking and eating well. Selfishly, I believe I have about 15 pounds to shed before race season which is a very strong motivator for this goal!

A Family Budget

Over the holidays our family decided to hunker down on finances to finish our basement. The basement will give us an extra guest room, a dedicated office / library, and another play area for kids. My wife and I started to use the Good Budget app in late December and really enjoy the control it gives us on spending. It is also very goal driven to help us see what we are working towards. We have tried Mint and a few others in the past which more tracked the spending instead of giving you a view of what you have left in each budget category.  We will do a gut check on this system mid-January to see if it is working for us, and the goals we have set.

Creating Dedicated Time & Space for Athletic Goals

I haven’t been a dedicated athlete since moving to Colorado. Perhaps it was all the change, but I had a rough go and starting and stopping. When signing up with CTS late last year our family committed to trying it for 6 months. Being flexible with our methods, and goals, but really setting up that dedicated time and space required to be a successful athlete. Through January my goal is to have a 95% success rate with work outs (sickness and emergencies with held) and to see what that feels like for my family. By the end of January I hope to understand how much time I actually have available to train, what times of the day work best, and to start seeing results would be ideal. Results would be an increase of functional threshold power (how much power I can apply over a set amount of time), and a loss of body fat (different than body weight.)

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