New Year’s Eve is a time most people are setting resolutions or goals for the next year, but I took this morning to reflect on 2015. If you aren’t in the habit of reflection then check out Zen Habits who recently wrote a great article on it.

2015 will always be one for my personal record book

  1. Our first child, Ellington, was born.
  2. Emily and I bought our first house together, and my first mortgage payment ever.
  3. After much deliberation, and small heartache, I opted to stop working for a bike shop.
  4. Took many classes over 2015 & passing each one with an A (adding that note for my mom.)
  5. Found the greatest joy out of riding the slowest ever with my daughter in tow.

What are your biggest highlights of 2015?


  1. Congratulations on such a momentous year! I wish you and your family all the happiness.

    My biggest highlights could be seen as a train wreck reel. I know in 2016, I will see those failures as the moments that lead to my greatest triumphs.

    I started my blog in 2015 and that could turn out to be the spark that changed everything.

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