Pedaling Towards 2016

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Spinning out the work trip from my legs. The trainer is my own slice of meditation these days. You never regret a good workout when it's done, no matter what time it is. #KeepMoving

Goals are part of my internal make-up. The shiny threads woven into my unique fabric that keep me happiest in life.

I make goals for my days, my weeks, and I am the most motivated when I know what I am working towards. As I started this training block in early November my coach and I sat down to plan out what I am working towards. My short term goals are simple: put the time in to prove to myself that I can find a healthy and active balance in life. My winning rate is about 90% with a couple of missed runs do to snow/ice, and one missed core workout while traveling last week. I find this to be success, and look forward to January 1st and looking back at the first 60 days of training to see what I have accomplished in that time period.

As my family moves through the holidays I am doing my best to make healthy choices around food, workouts and sleep. Our 9 month old is hitting a spell of sleep-regression which makes the mornings hurt a bit more. Hopefully I can battle the higher caloric intake by hitting each of my workouts with intensity. In January we will focus more on a weight-lose diet and getting ready for the 2016 season. Moderation is key during the holidays, and so is enjoying the life around you like sugar cookies and pumpkin pie.

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