Be More With Less

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be more with less

I’ve had this phrase, “Be More With Less”, floating around in my head for a couple of weeks now. As I wade through moving boxes that haven’t been opened for 6 months in an effort to move everything out of our basement for a remodel the phrase starts to pound at the back of my head like a migraine coming into power.

Ever since I hit “adult hood” the amount of stuff required to be happy seems to increase exponentially every year. In the same mindset we are trying to force more work out of a 24 hour day, and send emails at a faster response rate.  Our brain has learned that buying that new gadget, or eating that extra brownie is reward, and we all deserve MORE reward. We want more promotions, more money, more square footage in our house, and the famous phrase in the bike industry is: “the perfect amount of bikes to own is n+1”. Why isn’t our culture striving for more family time, more healthy options, more thoughtful moments, more experiences that can’t be bought but are always the ones remembered?  I believe it is one part programming, and one part greed in a sociological form.

Early this fall I shifted through a portion of my cycling clothing and determined I didn’t need more than 6-8 cycling kits in my closet, and in reality 4 would suffice. I packed away what I felt like wasn’t needed, and when a kit wears out I’m going to go shopping in my own spandex library in storage. There are multiple bikes in my arsenal that I know don’t get ridden as much as they should, and sometimes these bikes whisper to me in hopes to be ridden more, or sold to someone more deserving. Yet, I hold on to them mostly due to greed (and laziness).

In 2016, I strive to be more with less

While I don’t ever in a million years believe my family could be minimalist, I do believe that we can make smarter choices in what we commit to, buy, eat, and experience. I want to trade weeks worth of coffee, snacks, and Target runs for a monthly date night with my wife to the best restaurants around. I want less food options in my fridge, but more healthy and thoughtful choices. I want less social media, and more in person shared experiences. I want less talk about bikes, and more bike rides. In 2016, I strive to be more with less.

What do you strive to do more of in 2016?

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  1. Highly recommended: The Japanese Art of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Its equally about the WHY of living an uncluttered life as well as the HOW you go about it. Fundamentally altered how I look at the items in my possession. About 15 rubbermaid tubs of things exited my house in the months since reading. Don’t miss a one, feels like I can breathe again in my home.

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