The forecast for the day is 60 degrees, a field test for the start of my training and some gear testing. What that really means is finding gear, feeling like a disorganized mess, and being momentarily frustrated that my bike stuff isn’t where it belongs. Then charging gear (garmin), testing batteries on heart rate monitor, and powertap, and pushing off the cobwebs physically and mentally for 2016.

Last night’s birthday celebrations didn’t leave me too worse for wear this morning. The copious amounts of coffee and water intake this morning should have me set by the late morning bike ride. Also on tap is trying a few new items from Pearl Izumi that showed up for review on Thursday. The hi-viz colors spreading across cycling soft-goods warms my heart and hopefully will keep people safer on the streets over the standard black spandex the industry pushes out.

Today’s Training: 1 hour ride including 2x8min Field Test

Disclaimer: Product & CTS Training is provided at no-charge for review and coverage purposes. 

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