31 Years, 11,315 Days & Counting

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31 Years Old

It’s Friday the 13th, it is also my 31st birthday. 31 years ago my mother had been in labor for too many hours. I was stubborn, and that should have been a sign of what she was in for!

I have always treated my birth day much like people treat New Years Eve. A day of review, joy, and new goals for the next year. Looking back on my 30th year it is very easy to say it was my best yet. Emily was in her 2nd trimester as my 30th year began. We welcomed Ellington in to this world. We built a house. We moved in a beautiful community of green space, walking paths, and like minded families. We have also created an amazing village of friends, and family. I became a stay at home mom and have experienced the most joy ever in my life thanks to the days surrounded by children.

My 30th year ended up being nothing like I thought it would be 365 days ago. A house purchase, and stay at home mom position was not in our family’s minds! It is difficult to predict what my 31st year will bring, but I am committing to a positive, loving, and joyous year. I started off the day surrounded by loving friends, their amazing children, and my favorite biscuits and gravy. Later this morning I talked to my coach from CTS for the first time to plan out the next year of goal setting, and tonight I will end the day surrounded again by so many loving friends and family.

Thank you to all of my readers for sharing in the journey with me, and joining me for another 365 days!

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