There is something super sexy about a bike with fenders. The utility, the design, and the signs that it throws to other cyclists of, “Hey, I ride all the time – don’t you?”. Fenders (and lights) aren’t sold as often as they should be in most bike shops in the U.S. because we often look at bikes as sport and not as everyday, no matter the weather, transportation. When purchasing a 29er last year I realized the availability of fenders for fat tired 29er bikes were rather limited but then I found the Planet Bike Cascadia 29er Fenders and my everyday work horse was complete.

Planet Bike Cascadia 29er Fender Details

  • MSRP: $55
  • Superflex™ highly durable all-weather polycarbonate
  • 130mm mudflaps provide ultimate coverage and are double-riveted for durability
  • Hardware is all stainless-steel and pre-installed for hassle-free mounting
  • V-stays for added stability
  • Release Tabs on front fender for added safety
  • Meets EN test standards
  • Ultra wide 65mm width
  • Compatible with disc brakes
  • Fits tires up to 29″ x 2″ (This is according to PB, but I am currently running Schwalbe Big Apple 2.3″)


Planet Bike Cascadia 29er Fender Review

These fenders were installed last fall and have been mounted up every since. The installation was rather flawless once I removed the very bulky front derailleur that was spec’d on Surly Ogres a few years ago, and purchased a Problem Solvers Fender Flute.

Planet Bike Cascadia 29er Fender Review

The fenders install on each side of your fork or dropout (make sure to grease these bolts!)

Planet Bike Cascadia 29er Fender Review

The front fender goes around a disc brake very well

Planet Bike Cascadia 29er Fender Review

My front fork is suspension corrected so the Problem Solvers Fender Flute was needed to drop down the front fender to be close to my tire

Planet Bike Cascadia 29er Fender Review

The rear fender uses a plastic clamp around the fender that can be installed to a brake bridge, or with zip ties to your frame

Planet Bike Cascadia 29er Fender Review

There is one more additional mount at the front tab of the rear fender. Some frames have holes for this mount, if yours doesn’t then use zipties

1 Year Review

As mentioned, I installed these fenders on my Ogre last fall and used this bike as my primary commuter from September 2014 until March 2015 (then the baby came). I have used primarily Schwalbe Big Apple tires in either 2.0 or 2.3 (pictured). These fenders saw a lot of crap weather over the winter and not only worked wonderfully to keep me and my feet dry, but also held up to a lot of abuse. We live in Denver, Colorado, which doesn’t receive a ton of day to day rain but when we get rain or snow it dumps on us. The Cascadia 29er fenders performed well under all conditions including being frozen over, encased with mud during an overnight bike packing trip, or pushed around way too many times due to mountain biking or rough bike locking. There are other sexier fenders out there that I would love to have but none of them would fit this 29″ wheeled bike, and are often 2-3x the price.

A good set of fenders cost between $40-55 and could be the difference of you driving, or having very wet and cold feet when getting to work. These fenders from Planet Bike have survived a year under me and I would endorse them if you need something for your 29er bike!

Check Planet Bike’s fender line up on their website.

Disclaimer: These fenders were provided at no cost for review. I did purchase the Problem Solvers Fender Flute.


  1. Hi Arleigh, not a fender question, but an Ogre inquiry. I’m looking for a work horse commuter that I can take bikepacking. It’ll be more of a commuter than a bikepacker initially. I’m leaning towards a small Ogre. Have any thoughts for me on using it as a commuter?? I’m in KY and commute year-round. Not much snow but we get loads of rain. Thanks for any advice/insight!

    • Bethany,

      The ogre isn’t the lightest or most efficient bike, but I love that it is bomb proof and universal between commuter and bike packing bike. I have 2.0 Big Apple tires on it with fenders this time of year and plow over almost anything in my way!

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