The Blackburn Central 100 front light (for 100 lumens) and Blackburn Central 20 rear light (for 20 lumens) are outstanding lights for the price with 3 key features: multi-mode, great mounting system and USB-mini charging.

Central 100 Front Light Details

3 modes:
• High: 100 lms
• Low: 50 lms
• Blackburn Strobe: 50 lms

• High: 3.2hrs
• Low: 7 hrs
• Blackburn strobe: 21 hrs

Central 20 Rear Light Details

3 modes:
• High: 20 lms
• Steady Flash: 20 lms
• Blackburn Strobe: 20 lms

• High: 25 hrs
• Steady flash: 42 hrs
• Blackburn strobe: 76 hrs

MSRP as set: $65

Mounting System

The first method of mounting these lights is a metal clip that actually grabs very well and hasn’t broken under constant use. The light has stayed secured to my belt, pocket and bag very well. The metal clip then attaches to a rubber strap for handlebar, seat post, and baby carrier uses.

Overall Thoughts

These lights have a few things going for them which includes a decent lumen output for the price, great mounting system, and USB-mini charging. The two largest cons would be the larger and wider design, plus the 100 lumens isn’t a focused beam so it doesn’t throw light very far down the path. For $65 and long burn time this is a great set of lights for the avid commuter that may have additional lights, or street lights to help see down the path.

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Disclaimer: This product was provided at no cost for review. We were not bribed or paid for our review.


  1. I have a cargo bike and it is getting to the point that I want to ride it every day if I can. We are moving toward winter and I want lights in front and back. I wonder if you recommend any particular generator drive light set that might work .

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